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Four Unique Events to Host At Your Recreation Center

Children playing dodgeball at recreation center

Fun Activities For Attracting People To Your Recreation Center

The services of your recreation center do not solely have to be restricted to the day-to-day activities that your customers already anticipate. It is important to keep your business lively and offer events that get your guests excited to attend your facility. Providing creative activities that let customers experience your sports complex in a new manner can help in maintaining interest toward your company while also attracting many new visitors. Sports Facilities Management has brainstormed some exciting promotions to host at your rec center that are sure to keep patrons engaged and business booming.

Dodgeball Tournament

Block off a night to host a full-scale dodgeball tournament in your gym and you’re sure to garner some attention from all age groups who are interested in this thrilling, competitive sport. Dodgeball is likely not an activity that many people get to participate in on a regular basis, so this can be seen as a fun opportunity to try something new. Stock your snack bar with some succulent concessions to sell as you will likely have some hungry players, and you’re bound to have a successful night. Don’t forget to have a suitable number of staff members on hand for making sure everyone stays safe!

Swimming Pool Movie Night

Offer something a bit more unique than just your average movie night at the theater; be the talk of the town with the showing of a poolside film at your recreation center. Set up a projector and screen at a safe distance from any splash zones and invite your guests to lounge in the swimming pool as they enjoy a flick in the comfort of the revitalizing water. This is sure to be a night to remember for your visitors, likely leaving them inclined to come visit again.

5K Walk/Run

Utilize any outdoor tracks and facilities you may have at your recreation center and invite the community to participate in a 5K race. Have members pay a small fee to sign up and donate a portion to a charity of your choosing. This allows you to use your sports facility as a platform for social responsibility while also attracting guests to your business. Needless to say, it’s a win-win situation that is relatively easy to execute.

Midnight Yoga

What’s better than yoga during the day inside of a studio? Yoga during the night, outside, with glow-in-the-dark jewelry to sport, because … why not? This one may require you to stay open a little longer than usual, but is nevertheless an exciting event to host that can be expected to attract a lot of guests. Have your trained instructors lead the visitors in a relaxing yoga session while making a spectacle of light in the night-time sky. Don’t forget to take some pictures to share to your social media accounts to show just how cool your recreation center is.

Contact SFM For More Info On Recreation Center Events

Keeping your customers on their feet is an important concept for marketing and facility management. By hosting unique activities like these, you can expand the reach of your company and attract more visitors to your recreation center. For more information, contact Sports Facilities Management at 727-474-3845.

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