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Adding a Rock-Climbing Wall To Your Recreation Center

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Tips For Incorporating A Rock Wall Into Your Recreation Center

Recently, rock climbing walls have become a staple of many recreation centers. These large-scale additions offer an adventurous and out-of-the-ordinary entertainment experience for visitors attending an otherwise traditional sports facility. If your company has decided to make the leap to install a rock wall, there are some important guidelines to keep in mind to make sure the use of the wall does not jeopardize the success of your business. To help with the process, Sports Facilities Management gathered some pointers for implementing a climbing wall that are sure to make your facility rock.


Rock climbing walls are definitely not the cheapest piece of equipment your recreation center will ever purchase. Nevertheless, making the decision to invest in a costly addition such as this can do wonders for your sports facility. Incorporating a feature like this into your complex can give you an advantage over your competitors that cannot supply such a facet, bringing more attention – and therefore business – to your location.


With the installation of a rock climbing wall comes the inevitable consequence of added liability to your recreation center, as there is a small possibility for injuries to occur. Though your business can help prevent such accidents from happening (more on that later), it is still important to consult with your insurance provider about the technicalities in providing a hazardous sport like rock climbing. By understanding what precautions can be taken to properly sustain an amenity like this, your facility can avoid the possibility of a potential lawsuit in the unfortunate case that something does go wrong.


Back to trying to prevent those possible injuries from occurring … rock walls are supposed to be fun, and there’s no reason why negligent employees should contribute to the hindrance of that. In other words, your recreation center staff should be trained on the safety guidelines associated with the wall and should clearly translate that information to the guests. Additionally, your workers should know how to control the surrounding area so that the overflow of visitors does not become a hazard to the facility. By instilling proper technique and keeping fellow patrons orderly, you can help ensure that the users of the rock wall stay injury-free.


Branching off from the responsibility of your employees to control the area, it is also necessary to make sure the rock wall is secure from lurking visitors when it is not in use. This means opting to install the climbing area in a location that cannot be easily breached. Additionally, using railing around the climbing area can serve to alert guests not to use the wall when supervision is not provided. This mitigates the overall risk of having a feature like this in your recreation center.

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Although there are a lot of factors to address when adding a component like a rock wall to your recreation center, the hard work can pay off and serve as a very advantageous investment for your facility. With proper preparation and facility management, your company will perform just fine. For additional information, contact Sports Facilities Management at 727-474-3845.

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