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Facility Planning: Why You Should Provide Child Care

Kid at child care developed through facility planning

Why You Should Consider Child Care In Facility Planning

The process of facility planning can be one that requires repeated deliberation over various topics. Trying to implement all the various features and services that you can dream of can be difficult due to time and budget constraints, so it is important to decide which attributes will provide the most benefit for your recreation center. Among these possible options at your sports complex is the option for child care, in which parents can drop off their children at your facility so that they can take part in the activities at your facility while their children are entertained. This is a feature that undeniably requires additional financial allocations through space and labor, but it is a spectacular service to provide at your center that can attract more business. At Sports Facilities Management, we gathered some of the principal reasons why a child care center can help your business.

Convenient For Customers

Probably the most obvious answer here is that you are providing a service which makes it more convenient for patrons to visit your recreation center. When going through the facility planning process, it is important to understand what sort of characteristics could attract more of a certain demographic to your business. For example, parents with small children will be more likely to visit your facility knowing that their kids can be monitored while they work out. This alleviates a lot of the hassle for families who must watch over their children but still want to enjoy the features of your sports facility.

Encourages Healthy Lifestyles for Children

Providing child care at a recreation center or sports complex often means providing entertainment that keep them active throughout the day. Though the activities are not vigorous necessarily, they still allow children to get some exercise and learn the benefits of leading a healthy life. Many parents will consider this a very important facet when looking for a suitable service to care for their children, so this is definitely something to keep in mind during your facility planning. What’s more, as the children become familiar with the environment of your sports facility, they will be more inclined to visit as they get older.

Advantage Over Competitors

Supplying a service like child care looks extremely attractive to many families that may be deliberating which recreation center to attend, so having this feature is undeniably a competitive advantage. When in the process of facility planning, considering which amenities will make you the most the marketable compared with your competitors is a good way to select the services you should provide.

Contact SFM For More Advice On Facility Planning

Weighing the benefits of a certain service is always a necessary process to carry out when going through facility planning. In this case, we shared some of the reasons to include a child care center into your sports complex and how it can positively affect your business. For more information regarding sports facilities management, contact SFM at 727-474-3845.

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