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Recreation Center: Beautiful College Centers (Part II)

College student swimming at recreation center

Exciting University Recreation Centers, Continued

Back in January, we profiled six of the most impressive university recreation centers throughout the country. Among our list were facilities from Illinois, Akron, Colorado State, Temple, Missouri, and Cincinnati. Six months later, we’re back to showcase more beautiful college rec centers, breaking down the assets that make these complexes among the best in the nation. Read on to see six more of Sports Facilities Management’s grouping of some of the most stunning university facilities.

University of Pennsylvania

UPenn’s recreation center is a luxurious four-story facility that houses a variety of amenities, from  climbing walls all the way to Olympic-sized swimming pools. The university also provides the opportunity for many fitness classes like martial arts, golf, and dancing. To top it off, the complex has a snack bar full of healthy treats like smoothies and protein bars for when students need to replenish after an intense workout.

University of North Dakota

The recreation center at North Dakota brings its fitness options to a new level. Many facilities around the country have rock climbing walls, but UND’s is complete with a slack line for students to work on improving their balance. Adding to that, the wellness center also hosts glow-in-the-dark climbing sessions for even more adventurous fun. Oh, and did we mention that the rec complex supplies free ski rental for students to hit the slopes behind the building during the cold Dakota winter? There’s never a dull day at this thrill-seeking campus!

Vanderbilt University

Opened in 2014, Vanderbilt is home to a modern, state-of-the-art recreation center that aims to include just about every fitness-related activity under the sun. Among these amenities are indoor standardized squash courts, which allow students to play this racquetball-esque sport that they usually otherwise would not get to participate in. What’s more, the Vandy rec center encourages engagement from its students by hosting campus-wide wellness festivals every year that invite people to participate in an array of competitive events.

University of Arizona

Donning an ultra-sleek design, Arizona’s recreation center not only looks beautiful but also provides a variety of unique fitness programs and classes for students to get involved in. Such courses include outdoor yoga, hiking, scuba diving and canoeing through the nearby Colorado River. The university also devotes substantial attention to its intramural leagues, which feature sports like ultimate frisbee, spike ball, and sand volleyball, among many other popular activities.

University of Maine

With the help of shoe company New Balance, which operates multiple factories throughout the state, the University of Maine was able to construct an elegant all-purpose recreation center. The facility is home to a modish swimming pool, which is surrounded by high-class marble flooring. Included with the pool is a 20-person sauna that allows users to sweat out any worries they may have from the busy life of being a college student. Perhaps the most notable feature of Maine’s recreation facility is its full-sized indoor hockey rink, which also hosts skating lessons for university goers.

University of Texas at Austin

Aside from its 500,000 square feet of indoor space, UT-Austin’s recreation center has one of the most impressive university aquatic centers in the country. The facility features three outdoor swimming pools: one for competitive events, one for lap exercises and one for student leisure. Additionally, the rec center hosts two indoor pools for when the days are a bit more gloomy. However, if swimming isn’t quite your thing, then take a visit to the wellness spa, which provides a variety of massage treatments for those much-needed relaxation sessions that every college kid deserves from time to time.

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