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Facility Planning: What Should I Ask?

Facility planning questions

Facility Planning: What Questions Should I Ask?

There is a lot of work that goes into facility planning, even if you are hiring an outside facility management company, like Sports Facilities Management to help you. Before taking any real steps toward development, you need to know exactly what you are aiming for, and knowing what to ask both yourself and the management company.

What kind of Sports Facility Are You Looking to Build?

Is it an indoor sports complex and recreation center? Or will it be a sports complex with outdoor fields? If you have yet to decide, look at the area you are planning to build in. What kind of facility is needed there? Will your primary patrons be locals looking for exercise classes and entertainment, or local sports teams looking for competition grounds?
Know who the sports complex will attract may help you better decide on the type of facility needed. This is a major first step in facility planning, and shapes the way in which your project with subsequently develop.

Where Will You Get Your Funding?

Is this a mostly self-funded project, or will you need to seek out funding? Do you already have development funding, or have you not yet begun looking for investors? If you have yet to find any investors, how were you planning on getting the word out?
Once you have decided what type of sports facility you want to build, you will need to know exactly how the project is going to be funded. The project cannot move past basic facility planning until money is available and a budget is made.

What is the Anticipated Timeline for the Project?

Facility planning needs to be in-depth, and every detail needs to be worked out before construction begins. How long do you have for the project to be completed? Was there a certain month or date you were aiming for? Is timing an issue, or is it flexible depending on workers and weather conditions?
It is important to know the budget at this point because you may not be able to figure out an exact timeline in your facility planning until you have hired contractors who are ready to build your recreation center.

What Other Steps do I Need to Take for Facility Planning?

This is where Sports Facilities Management can help, as we know the steps needed and can help point out anything you may have missed. We have years of experience, and can help you decide if you are building the right type of facility for your demographic, as well as whether this type of facility will be what is best for your location. Our goal is to help you build a sports complex that will be a success.

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