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Advice for Increasing Attendance at Your Recreation Center

How to Raise Recreation Center Attendance

Are you looking for new, exciting ways to bring in more people to your recreation center? Maybe attendance has lulled, and you need some marketing ideas to draw in new customers and show them what you have to offer? Try some of the following ideas.


Groupon is a local coupon website that allows customers to purchase gift cards, services, or other items at discounted prices. For example, a customer could go on the Groupon website and search deals for their zip code, which may include a $20 gift card to a local restaurant that they can purchase for $11.
It is a great way for businesses to bring in new clients because it advertises and draws interest for them, and offers their service at a discount. If you are looking to do a Groupon for your recreation center you could offer a short term membership at a discounted price, you could offer discounted exercise classes at your sports facility, or, if you have an indoor sports facility, you could offer training classes or time on a sports simulator.

Social Media Events and Coupons

People are more likely to check out a place their friends are raving about on social media, and word-of-mouth is valuable. Keep the social media page for your recreation center up-to-date and do occasional contests where members have to like, share, or respond to your posts. Offer coupons online to get people looking at your social media page. Make sure your page also has easy to find information so new viewers can see exactly what your sports complex has to offer.

Set Up an Open House Day

Set up a day where potential customers can stop by and view information booths, play games, get free samples (everyone loves free samples), get free trials of various aspects of your recreation center, and sign up for discounted memberships.
You can advertise around town through fliers, as well as on social media to get the word out. Make it family-friendly by advertising games and contests for kids, and maybe even sell snacks and drinks. A fun free event will spark interest, and if people like what they see you are likely to have many new patrons attending your sports facility.

Set Up Promotional Booths For your Recreation Center at Local Events

Another fun way to get the word out about your recreation center is to set up booths at local events, like marathons or fun runs, bike races, local health or sports events or competition, or even school events (especially if your sports facility has programs or leagues that cater to youth). These are great places to meet people who would be interested in athletic programs or classes, and you can have the opportunity to tell them what your recreation center is all about.

Upgrade with Sports Facilities Management

Sports Facilities Management has helped get a number of recreation centers off the ground, with great success. Check out our projects and once you’re convinced, give us a call. We’ll be happy to help you boost attendance at your recreation center or sports complex.

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