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Benefits of Sports Simulators in your Sports Facilities

Man using sports simulator at sports facilities

Reasons to Add a Sports Simulator to Your Sports Facilities

If you are looking for a fun addition to your sports facility or recreation center, try adding sports simulators. Sports simulators are exactly what they sound like, interactive simulators where patrons can “play” sports. It’s like a giant interactive video game that lets you physically participate.
You can get sports simulators that let patrons play one sport per machine, or there are multi-sport simulators available where you can choose between different sports on a single machine. These may be best for indoor sports facilities or recreation centers as they are often not weatherproof, and as some can take up quite a bit of room you may want to anticipate how much space they will take during your facility planning.
So what are some of the benefits of adding sports simulators to your sports facility?

Increased Foot Traffic

As sports simulators can be a fun attraction in themselves, you may bring in new customers who do not currently use your sports facilities, but who are just looking for the experience of a sports simulator. Perhaps they want to try out a new sport to see if they like it, or they are just looking to try the experience of a simulator itself.
Once they experience your indoor sports facilities you may have a returning customer to wants to see what else you have to offer, like other classes, programs, or sports leagues. Be sure if they are looking for additional information on your facility that it is easily accessible from where they are. On rainy days you are likely to see guests looking for something fun and healthy to do while staying out of the weather.

Fun for Parties or Team Practice

If you have a recreation center in your sports facilities, or any kind of space you may rent out for parties and events, a sports simulator could definitely be a fun addition. It provides safe, interactive fun for young people, and would make your sports facilities a go-to place for any sports themed parties. It could also be great practice for youth or adult teams looking to do something fun, while staying active and improving their skills.


Some simulators have the option of adding in-game advertising for your business. Depending on the sport, background billboards, signs, and banners can be customized to display the names or mottos of your sports facilities. This additional advertising benefit adds a fun twist to the simulations and doesn’t have any additional cost to your business.

Upgrade Your Sports Facilities with Sports Facilities Management

If you want to boost the appeal of your sports facilities, contact Sports Facilities Management. We provide the knowledge and skill to not only attract more people to your venue, but we help make sure it’s running optimally. Give Sports Facilities Management a call today.

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