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Color Choices in Sports Complex Design

Color choices in your sports complex

How Color Choices Compliment Your Sports Complex Design

It has long been known that choice of colors can affect the way people feel. When choosing the design for your sports complex, keep in mind that the color choices of the walls, floors, and seating will greatly affect the overall atmosphere of your facility or recreation center.
Studying color psychology before making any final choices can help you choose the details of each area in a way that benefits your patrons, while also complementing your sports facility’s overall aesthetic.

Blue is the Safest Color

Surveys show that blue is at the top when people name their favorite colors. Blue is cool and calming, and it makes people feel relaxed and comfortable. It is especially good for conference or classroom areas where color is needed but the look needs to provide a familiar comfort. If you have an indoor sports facility or recreation center that houses meeting areas or classrooms, blue is a safe choice.

Choice of Color Can Change the Temperature

Cooler colors, like blue, purple, and lighter gray can make the area feel colder to patrons, while warmer colors like red and orange can do the opposite. Keep this in mind when choosing colors for different areas of your sports complex. If you have an indoor exercise area keep the colors cool to make the workout space feel colder and more comfortable. Red and orange invoke feelings of adventure and excitement, and are better for recreation centers with areas like rock climbing walls, or for outdoor seating or practice areas of a sports complex.

Lack of Color Can Seem Boring

Don’t be too safe when choosing colors. Areas that are too monochromatic or lack variety of color can be boring. Avoid using too much white, as it can seem uninspiring. You want your sports complex to be fun, exciting, and inspiring to those both playing and spectating.

Pick a Color Scheme that Represents You

It is good to have a color scheme that is consistent throughout your sports complex. Your colors, like your logo and your motto, can all add to the unique branding of your particular facility. Patrons can begin to associate certain colors with the experience of the facility itself.

Colors in Your Sports Complex Can Be Changed

Avoiding putting too much pressure on picking individual colors for specific areas of your sports complex. Color can always be changed, especially if it is as simple as having walls repainted. If you have an idea that does not ultimately pan out, or prove to be popular with patrons, it can easily be fixed.
But do put thought into your color schemes when designing, and keep some of these tips in mind. The right colors can give your facility an overall sleeker, more inviting look. For more professional advice, contact Sports Facilities Management.

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