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What to Expect From Sports Center Technology

What the Holds for Future of Sports Center Technology

Sports center technology.
If you are in the beginning stages of planning your sports center, you already have a lot to think about. Basics like what amenities your sports center will offer its customers, all the way to the complexities such as architecture and feasibility studies can take up what little time you have. However, it is important to take the time to look at what the future might hold for sports center technology.
Looking ahead might offer you some inspiration for tech-based amenities you could use to put yourself ahead of rival sports complexes and recreation centers. To help you, Sports Facilities Advisory is taking some time to look at some of the upcoming technology that could benefit your sports center.

Enhanced Wifi and Cellular Capabilities

We all have experience with struggling to connect to the wifi offered in a public place. Whether trying to find a staff member know knows the public wifi password, or experience connectivity issues that keep cutting off the smartphone’s connection. Much of this comes to the sheer number of people, and the amount of range required, in most sports centers.
But as wifi technology improves, so does connectivity. We also see improvements in cellular signal, and cell reception becomes faster, and can better handle similar data loads to wifi. Equipping your facility with the latest in wifi and cell phone connectivity is a must to draw new users.

In-Seat Amenities: Headphones Jacks, Charger Ports and More

Speaking of connectivity, allowing your patrons to connect their smartphones to different amenities is more important than ever. For sports venues, arena seating equipped with connection options is one of the most exciting new innovations. Whether wired connections or Bluetooth, this allows for your crowds to experience an enhanced enjoyment of events.
Providing for the hard of hearing with connected headphones or letting fans connect through app integration are just a couple of ways this offers benefits. Gyms and training rooms are also key places where smartphone connectivity is offering opportunities for better performance. Fitness trackers connecting to gym equipment can offer users real-time updates on their activity levels, helping them to push themselves further than ever.

Self-Driving Transport

Looking even further ahead, self-driving transport could be a major boon to sports centers — especially large arenas. Allow fans easier access to parking by offering shuttles or self-driving cars, cut down on the time they have to walk from their own car to the arena, or do away with parking lots all together for more potential facilities. The possibilities with this kind of technology are potentially endless.

Make the Best Choices for Your Sports Center

Being in the planning stages of your sports facility puts you in the position to truly benefit not just from upcoming technology, but also from professional guidance. Sports Facilities Advisory has helped a wide variety of recreation centers and sports complexes from planning, to opening and in proper management. We can bring this vital experience to you, and make sure that you consider every aspect of planning before your grand opening. For detailed, standard-setting guidance, contact Sports Facilities Advisory today.

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