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How to Market Your Recreation Center on Social Media

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Tips for Social Media Marketing Your Recreation Center

Successfully marketing on social media can be extremely difficult, especially if you have no experience creating a brand online. Luckily, SFM is here to help you reach the goals you have for your recreation center. Our expert advisors and management consultants have helped hundreds of sports facilities and recreation centers reach their potential. Today, SFM will discuss social media marketing strategies and what you can do to increase your brand awareness online.

Set Your Social Media Goals

Whether it is simply increasing your brand awareness or targeting specific demographics, it is important to set clear goals for your marketing. If your goals are clear and reasonable, you can verify whether you’re are on target or falling short. Recreation centers should absolutely make sure their goals are reasonable. You are not going to get a million Twitter followers. What you can do is increase your following, establish your brand, and connect with potential customers.

Research Your Competition

Before you begin creating content to share, it’s smart to get an idea of the field in which you are competing. Even if you are the only recreation center in town, you are very likely not the only place where people go to be active. In fact, you are not just competing with other fitness businesses, you are competing with places people want to spend their time. You need to market the reasons that getting active is important and why they should do it at your recreation center.
In order to answer those questions, it is important to find out what people ARE doing. A simple Google search with the location and keywords that you are targeting will give you a better idea of who you’re competing against.

Create Interesting & Engaging Content

One of the worst mistakes many companies make with their social media is to treat it as if it simply another platform to push ads through. Social media is a place to create conversation. You want to engage with your customers and have your customers engage with you. Create content that people will want to discuss, ask questions about, and start conversations.
It is also important to make content that fits your brand identity. Maybe share a blog from your website about the importance of stretching or a picture of your recreation center during an event. If you are not offering interesting content you are efforts will be unsuccessful. Offer content that is not overly promotional. A study found that 46% of users unfollow brands if they are hit with too many promotional messages or irrelevant content. Finding that perfect balance is the key to attracting and keeping followers.

Contact SFM for Your Recreation Center Marketing

Sports Facilities Management has years of experience marketing recreation centers and sports complexes. Our SFM Marketing Department provides staff marketing strategic planning, campaign execution, relationship building, media outreach, and sponsorship attraction. Whatever your marketing needs may be, SFM can exceed them. Contact us today to learn how SFM’s proven team of marketing experts can prepare your business for success.

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