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Facility Management: Proper Uses Of Social Media

How To Use Social Media For Facility Management

Using social media for facility management
In the age of social media, facility management teams cannot afford to bypass apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram when it comes to communication and promoting your facility. For most facility management teams, social media is used mostly as a communication tool, but it can also be very valuable in how you promote the teams, leagues, and people who use your facility.
The question isn’t whether or not you should use social media extensively, but how you should use it. In today’s blog post, SFM walks through a few good ways to use social media for facility management.

Social Media For Communication

The most basic use of social media for facility management is in a communication context. Even the most disconnected facilities still have at least a Facebook page giving updates on practices and games.
It’s important to know that Facebook offers many different avenues for streamlining group communication that aren’t typically used. Tools like Facebook groups and events that can be assigned within a page are especially useful for facility management.

Social Media For Promotion

The most mismanaged aspect of social media by facilities is with promotions. Social media is a great way to push the vision and brand of your facilities because it drives traffic and improves Search Engine Optimization. It also allows people to share what is happening at your facility and talk about it with friends and family.
However, to utilize these things, you have to have a strategy in place. Facilities struggle to promote via social media because they aren’t active on social media. Your customers want to talk about you! Give them a place to do so, and give them exciting things to talk about.

Social Media For Growth

Another way that social media is beneficial is in measuring your growth. By tracking your follower engagement and traffic, you can see who is talking about and interacting with your facility. Social media helps your facility grow its brand, but it will also show you where you aren’t growing and how you can improve your efforts. It will also show you if you are stagnant and need to change something, whether that be your strategy or your brand.

SFM Can Help With Facility Management Through Social Media

Social media is a tool that your facility management team simply can’t afford to ignore. It can be overwhelming, but it is one of the many factors that play into growing your facility. For more help with facility planning and development, give SFM a call today at (727) 483-7910 or request information today.

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