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New Sports Complex Design Trends

Exciting New Trends in Sports Complex Design

Modern sports complex design.
Architectural design never stands still. As both tastes and technology change, so does the design aesthetic we use to build properties, from homes and apartments to government buildings and recreation centers. Sports complex design is no different, and looking through decades of sports complex design architecture will show you just how much it has evolved.
If you are still in the planning stage of your sports complex, the Sports Facilities Advisory can help you make the most of your sports complex design. In this blog, we will look at some of the newest trends in the design of sports facilities and complexes.

New Designs for Seating and Comfort

The seating in a sports complex or arena should be the last thing your facility users think about. Comfortable seating works best when it is comfortable enough that patrons do not even notice what kind of seating it is since it allows them to get absorbed in the game. New seating designs improve customer comfort and improve the overall experience at your venue.

Improved Lighting for Sport and Events

Lighting for large sporting events or arena shows is something few people think about outside of those behind sports complex design. Despite this, it is one of the most important parts of any live event. Bad lighting can make it difficult to see what is happening, either on the field or on a stage, ruining the experience for fans. New advances in LED capabilities have led to longer-lasting bulbs that offer even more versatile options for events and shows. They also cut down immensely on power consumption, saving you money and reducing your venue’s environmental impact.

Diversification of Amenities

As technology and design improve, designers and architects are able to cut down on the amount of space required for a significant amount of equipment.  Freeing up space means inviting more opportunity to diversify what your venue can offer, meaning you can appeal to an even greater audience. When it comes to planning a facility, think outside the box of the traditional sports complex and research some more unusual attractions to make you stand out.

More Connectivity and Involvement

We have mentioned it in previous blogs, but it is worth emphasizing when it comes to sports complex design: your users are expecting connectivity. More and more, public places are offering wifi and Bluetooth connectivity for a wide variety of uses, and your complex needs to keep up. Improved connectivity means a greater engagement with fans, as well as with those using amenities like gyms, swimming pools or even arcades and bowling alleys.

Get Professional Guidance for Your Sports Complex Design

Whether this has given you some additional inspiration, or just overwhelmed you with even more options, the Sports Facilities Advisory can help. With years’ of experience in guiding sports complexes from planning and design to construction, to proper management once open, we have everything you need. Contact the Sports Facilities Advisory team today.

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