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Recreation Center: How To Make Yours Versatile

How To Make Your Recreation Center Versatile

How to make your recreation center more versatile
If you are the owner or manager of a recreation center, you know the viability of your facility is dependent on the people who use it. It only makes sense that a more versatile facility would lead more people to take advantage of it. So how can you make your recreation center more versatile and dynamic? In today’s blog post, SFM will give you five improvements to do that very thing.

1. Invest In Portable Artificial Turf

Recreation centers with a gymnasium have a large open space that could be used for all sorts of events and activities. There’s just one problem — the gym has a hardwood floor. While your space would be an ideal area for baseball teams to field ground balls or to host flag football games, with only a hardwood floor, those things won’t happen.
That is why portable artificial turf, or even some sort of floor padding, is worth the money. You can roll it out for certain events and practices, and it is easy to store.

2. Invest In Moveable Equipment

One common mistake made by recreation centers is having equipment that is a foundational piece of the space itself. For example, having a volleyball net is fantastic for your recreation center, but if it isn’t moveable, it prevents you from hosting other events. The same goes for basketball goals and soccer goals. Easily moveable equipment is vital to a dynamic and versatile space.

3. Invest In Durable Seating

Seating is a must for most recreation centers. While you might not host a lot of competitive sporting events, you will still host community leagues that require seating. Many facilities have had bleachers installed that were a foundational piece of the space itself. It makes much more sense to have bleachers or seating that is either portable or that can collapse, giving your space more room when you need it.

4. Invest In A Concession Stand

Concessions can go a long way for athletes and parents. They are an incredibly easy way to bring in revenue, especially for city and youth sports leagues. Athletes are always going to be looking for sports drinks, water, and food for energy in between games. Why not have them buy from you? Believe us, parents will love you for it because they won’t have to load everybody up in the van to go get food.

5. Invest In Multifunctional Facilities

This is difficult to do if your recreation center is already up and running, but for people who are currently building one, investing in s multifunctional design is key to a strong and dynamic facility. While sport-specific facilities are fantastic in the right context, they are very rarely right for recreation centers. You want to be able to host as many events and sports as possible, and to do that, you have to have flexible facilities.

Let SFM Manage Your Recreation Center

At SFM, our mission is to make your community center run as smoothly as possible. One way we do that is by making it more versatile. Give us a call today at (727) 483-7910 or fill out our contact form for more information.

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