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Developing Sports Facilities That Appeal to Families with Children

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How Your Sports Facilities Can Appeal to Families with Children

Creating family-friendly sports facilities can be more difficult than many people first expect. If you are interested in ensuring that your sports facilities are more likely to attract families with children than you have come to the right place. SFM has a long history of advising and managing potential sports facilities successfully. Learn the steps you should plan for when planning for your next sports project.

Supply Kid-Friendly Activities

If you have a sports complex that is based around basketball, for instance, it is key that you have smaller basketballs and adjustable goals that can be lowered. If you focus on baseball, offer tees and slower pitching machines. Whatever it is that you offer, ensure that it is inclusive of young people so that children have something to keep them engaged and having fun. A family is much less likely to visit sports facilities that their children did not enjoy.
How did McDonald’s become the biggest restaurant in the world? They designed their menu so that children would have a good time and want to come back. If your sports facilities provide a fun and safe atmosphere, children will want to return.

Offer Childcare Options

Even if you offer youth activities, it is also important to offer childcare at your sports facilities. Sometimes families will have very small children that cannot participate at your facility. Childcare lets families still be active without needing to find a babysitter each time they want to visit your facility.

Offer Fitness Classes Specifically For Children

Not only is this a great way to attract families to your business, but it is a niche class that many areas are desperately lacking. Every year young people become less active, and classes are becoming an increasingly more popular way to address this problem.
In addition, more parents are opting to homeschool their children and need a class to fulfill state physical activity requirements. Offering aerobic classes designated specifically for children will help parents to fulfill these requirements as well as teach young people valuable lessons about physical activity.

Contact Sports Facilities Management For More Info

SFM has been offering management services to hundreds of sports-related businesses over the years. Our experience and knowledge have allowed us to narrow down exactly what works and what does not in the sports world. Whether you are interested in creating a small local boxing gym or a multi-stadium deal, Sports Facilities Management can help to optimize your business plan. Call us today at 727.877.1791 to discuss your potential sports facility.

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