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Design Tips for a Green Recreation Center


Developing an Eco-Friendly Recreation Center

Sports complex design professionals are following consumer’s interest in green technology and are steadily moving towards the use of eco-friendly technology in designing sports complexes and facilities.
Having a “low footprint” facility is not only a win for the environment but also a selling point for consumers who want to invest their money and time in a business that aligns with their support of the environment.
If you are in the planning stages of your recreation center design, you will want to consider the use of green construction materials such as refurbished and salvaged materials and equipment.
Sourcing your materials locally will support your local business community, as well as reduce transportation costs and their subsequent environmental impacts.

Interior Design Ideas For Your Recreation Center

Installing low-flow toilets and sinks and insulating water pipes are good strategies to use to improve your “green” recreation center.  This will help with both energy costs and water usage. Setting up a grey water system will allow you to repurpose water for use in bathroom and laundry facilities.
Some companies such as Precor and Life Fitness are developing exercise equipment that is powered only by the individuals using them, negating the need for electricity. Other equipment is being developed that requires less energy to operate than traditional exercise machines.
Research your flooring options thoroughly. Technology is helping to develop new products all the time. For example, good choices today include bamboo and cork flooring, as well as hemp carpeting.
Lighting and heating expenses are huge for a sports facility. Consider the use of skylights and Solatubes to bring in natural light. Make sure your HVAC equipment is properly maintained and choose Energy Star products whenever possible.

Exterior Design Ideas For Your Recreation Center

Select plants for your landscaping that use little water and are low maintenance. Again, a grey water system can be used for irrigation, saving water.

Maintenance And Your Recreation Center

Once your recreation center is open and in use, plan to use natural, odor free and biodegradable cleaning products and machine maintenance products. Fitness environments require a lot of cleaning, so the use of non-toxic and chemical free products will reduce health risks for both your members and your staff.
By implementing the above strategies, you show that you are a conscientious and eco-friendly business. Consumers of like mind will want to support your facility by becoming a member.

Sports Facility Advisory Can Help With Your Green Recreation Center Needs

Sports Facility Advisory is recognized as a world leader in developing sports complexes and recreation centers. Contact us today for assistance in developing your green recreation center.

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