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Key Considerations for Opening an Outdoor Volleyball Sports Complex


Qualities of an Outdoor Volleyball Sports Complex

As a sports complex planner, the recent 2016 Olympic volleyball competition in Rio de Janeiro may have motivated you to think about adding an outdoor volleyball venue to your sports complex.
The more options and opportunities your members have at your sports complex, the better your chances of having a successful operation.

Main Considerations

Your first consideration will be the weather. The milder the climate you have, the longer playing outdoor season you have. You can determine an appropriate playing season based on your local weather conditions.
Use your business plan to narrow your search to what you can afford. Be mindful of your target audience. Would this be an attractive location for them?
You will want to choose an open area that has easy access for your members. If you are looking at a “drive by; high visibility” site, know that you will be paying top dollar for this site. You may want to choose a less desirable site and use your money for marketing to increase your visibility and brand.
As you would do with a prospective home, be sure to visit the location at different times of the day to make sure there are no nuisances that would have a negative impact on your members.
Regarding space, you will need a rectangular playing area measuring 59 feet by 29 feet, 6 inches. In addition, you will need to allow for the surrounding area, known as the “free zone.” This needs to be a minimum of 9 feet, 10 inches wide.

Ideas For Attracting A Client Base For Your Outdoor Volleyball Sports Complex

Once you have your volleyball area identified and development has begun, you need to think about how to attract and keep your members. If you already have a client base of indoor volleyball players, it is likely an easy sell to get them to try the outdoor game.
Once you have a membership in place, you need to keep them engaged and coming back. In addition to free play times, consider offering tournaments to promote healthy competition. Offer both same sex and coed team options. Be sure to abide by the “U.S. Outdoor Volleyball Rulebook” rules for the game.
Sponsoring clinics with outdoor volleyball experts will give your members a chance to improve their skills. Another option is to offer private lessons and group training programs to improve players’ skill development. The fees paid will serve as revenue for you.
Your outdoor volleyball sports complex can also serve as a great gathering place for social events when the weather permits, giving you another option for revenue.

Need Help With Your Sports Complex Plans?

You now have a good start on developing and implementing your outdoor volleyball sports complex and are ready for some professional assistance. Sports Facilities Advisory is your best resource for help with sports complex design and facility planning. Please contact us if you need help with the planning and implementation of your new volleyball sports facility.

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