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Sports Complex: Ways Football Stadiums Incorporate Technology


How Technology is Used in a Sports Complex

Sports are a fantastic feat, not only in their ability to captivate and entertain but also with their advancements regarding technological inclusion within the arena of a sports complex. Without the sports complex being able to infuse our interests with technology that elevates one’s average recreation center, sports tourism could possibly decline due to the desire for far more interesting sports complex design. Facility planning must implement development funding so that sports complex can utilize the advantageous purpose of implementing technology.

Sports Complex Advancements

Gigantic scoreboards are merely an example to the perks and amenities inserted to further the enjoyment of the game. Sports complex have now even invested in retractable glass end-zone doors (Dallas Cowboys stadium), so inclement weather is of no bother towards game continuance. Sports facility management considers multiple concepts when deciding which upgrades will garner the most return, providing support for pricey picks. Some of the many technologies introduced are:

  • Mobile Apps to order food at your seat
  • Retractable roofs to preserve healthy blades and greenery (University of Phoenix)
  • Stadium composed of recycled materials (University of Washington)
  • Building 14 Wind Turbines, in conjunction with 11,000 solar panels (Philadelphia)
  • Roofing built to cover 70 percent of stadium seats to contain noise (Seahawks Stadium)
  • High-tech sound systems

Beauty of Technology

Sports Complexes making the determination to reinvent their venues have allowed the pace of the game to progress, and those leisurely participating can experience an elevated level of enjoyment. Technology helps boost the communication between players and coach and improves the overall feedback of the game. The comforts made available at home can now be mimicked to a greater degree, creating a positive impact on an already adrenaline-fueled game. Feasibility studies comprehend the additions necessary to catapult a memorable experience, and these technological designs create a heightened sense of improvement.

Televising the Magic

The biggest feat of football phenomenon is the use of televised services. The ability to bring the game to the confinements of a home is the magic that is imitated when manifesting enormous scoreboards for the view. The same interaction aimed for by a living room big screen is emulated by the enormous vision of a game magnified for any and every seat attending. This allows every section to benefit from the play by play transcription and player description, all without suffering from the view restriction. By placing televisions in VIP seating, or in high roller suites, the game can be appreciated while the comforts of stretching, eating and socializing can be intertwined.

Communicative Efforts

Communication is made more feasible by the introduction of technology within sports complex. No longer does the coach have to hand signal or wave down the attention of his players but can instead radio his message directly to his quarterback or captain by taking advantage of the headset equipped inside the helmet. This allows the flow of the game to be respected, and respects the privacy and sanctity of plays being discussed or considered, without the necessity of a timeout or a “meeting of the minds.” Technology also allows coaches to communicate with each other, even if distance may be present or their availability a bit compromised due to attentive efforts elsewhere. Technology glorifies the communication of the game, as well as the visual perspective, all adding to the cumulative adoration of the sport.
If you are looking for assistance with building or maintaining a sports complex with technological advancements, contact Sports Facilities Advisory today.

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