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Sports Facilities Advisory brings innovative and fresh perspective to communities. We conduct sports tourism feasibility studies, recreation center feasibility and business plans, offer financing options for public sports complexes, and we manage many of today’s most notable and successful sports tourism and community recreation centers. From water parks and ball fields to adventure centers, SFA and SFM offer planning, design, funding, and management services that produce measurable results. We utilize a proven set of tools to assess feasibility, design, plan, fund, open, and manage community recreation and sports tourism venues. Following the feasibility study and cash flow forecasting phase, we offer multiple financing options and can set up or provide sports facility management services to deliver on the forecasts we develop. There simply is no other firm with the track record and results offered by our two companies. We design sports program strategies and sports facilities that produce millions of visits annually in markets around the world.


Since 2003, The Sports Facilities Advisory has served an extraordinary portfolio of communities in every region of the U.S. and in international locations including the Caribbean, Canada, Asia, Latin America, Europe and the Middle East. SFA has developed planning systems, financial forecasting models, and sports facility management systems to support a wide range of government needs. Whether selected by RFP, RFQ, tender, or as a sole source provider, SFA and SFM have become the trusted resource to local, state, and national governments. We are engaged to evaluate and improve performance for existing sports facilities, and to plan, fund, open and manage new sport and recreation center developments.


SFA and SFM provide the most comprehensive service offering in the industry. The global demand for our services is driven by our proven track record with many of today’s most notable facilities. There simply is no other firm that provides the depth or planning, funding, and management services offered by SFA and SFM.


SFA team members are highly regarded professionals with proven operational and facility planning experience. SFA team members speak at national conferences, lead the industry’s most successful operations, and have recently been interviewed by numerous media outlets who are tracking the growth in sports tourism spending including The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, CNBC, NBC News, Wall Street Market Watch, and the New York Daily News. We believe this level of media attention has been achieved because we are passionate and believe that sport and recreation are critical to the future well-being of our societies.

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