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Best Practices: Aquatic Recreation Centers


Best Practices for Aquatic Recreation Centers

Here at Sports Facilities Advisory, we help create all kinds of successful and innovative recreation centers and facilities. One of the most unique types of facilities we work with is aquatic recreation centers. Many recreation centers have pools, but aquatic recreation centers typically have multiple pools or unique water structures and entertainment for guests. Here are a few different things that we think really elevate and improve the appeal of an aquatic facility.

Unique Aquatic Features

What differentiates an aquatic recreation center from a typical one is the amount of water-related activities that are offered. If you want to open an aquatic-focused recreation center, you should implement  water slides, aquatic rock walls, and other adventurous features. Different size and length water slides can offer fun for all ages. You can have water slides right next to each other for racing, twisty enclosed slides, or small slides for little ones. There are tons of possibilities, and the more you vary your offerings, the longer your guests will want to stay. Including a unique feature, such as an aquatic rock wall, is also a great way to entertain guests. Most importantly, you need to make sure you have a pool or pools to accommodate the amount of people and the size of your aquatic structures.

Parties and Events

A good way to get guests to come and visit your aquatic recreation center is to have weekly, monthly, or seasonal events. A back to school bash can really bring in the guests. You can advertise your events on your website and social media platforms. Offering party services is another great way to drive up revenue. You can offer party packages and the ability to rent out the entire center. People will definitely want to come to your facility for birthday parties and other events. You want to make sure to offer these services to maximize your income opportunities.

Concessions and Cabanas

Another way to increase revenue is to offer concessions and cabana rentals. Swimming in your facility will inevitably make people hungry and thirsty. Meeting their needs will ensure your guests stay longer and will increase your profits. Cabana rentals are another opportunity for income. You can give people a more inviting and comfortable option than the typical beach chairs. Offering cabana concession service, where staff brings them their food, also increases the customer satisfaction factor. Other than your entry fees, these strategies are the best way to increase your daily revenue streams.

Swim Lessons

Steadily bring in income by offering swim lessons and aquatic exercise sessions. Offering both of these types of classes covers the entire age range. It is essential to have professional and certified staff to teach these sessions. This is especially essential when it comes to swimming lessons for younger kids. Make sure you have qualified instructors and lifeguards on duty. Safety is the top priority when it comes to aquatic classes.

Let Sports Facilities Advisory Help You With Your Recreation Center

Sports Facilities Advisory is a well-qualified and trusted company in the sports industry. Let us help you with your new or existing aquatic recreation centers. We offer you comprehensive planning and have the tools to help you succeed. Contact us today to learn how we can share our success with you.xz

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