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How a Recreation Center adds Value to Your Church


The Value of a Church Recreation Center

A recreation center or sports complex can be a great investment to your community or organization. For churches and other faith-based organizations, a recreation center creates more room for both your congregation and the surrounding community to have access to different activities and events throughout the year.

Benefits of a Recreation Center for Your Church

Room for Additional Events

Most churches do more than offer religious services once or twice a week. If your church hosts harvest parties, potluck lunches, or other events outside of the regular services, a recreation center is a great facility to use. Having one on your church campus reduces the need to find another location for events and provides an automatic backup plan in case of inclement weather for an event that was originally planned outside.
The extra room from a recreation center is also beneficial for the community. Many churches use that extra space and rent it out for other events. Birthday parties and family reunions can be easily hosted in a rec center. Some local governments may even utilize the space for town hall meetings and conferences if no other location is available. Renting out your church’s rec center can generate revenue to help pay for the facility as well.

Improved Congregation Health

A church or other faith-based organization is typically focused on the spiritual health of their members. A recreation center provides a way for your congregation to improve their physical health as well. A rec center is an excellent place for exercise classes and other workout opportunities. There are plenty of sports leagues that are offered through different denominations that can involve the children in your congregation as well. Parents will appreciate the opportunity for their children to play and be active in a safe and familiar environment out of the elements.

Planning a Recreation Center with Sports Facilities Advisory

If you think that a new recreation center would be a great added benefit for your church or other faith-based organization, Sports Facilities Advisory can help! We have years of experience in the planning and implementation of sports facilities for all different types of organizations. We will guide you on every step of the process from feasibility studies to the opening and management of your new space through our Sports Facilities Management team. For more information on how we can help you make the dream of having a church recreation center a reality, contact us at Sports Facilities Advisory today!

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