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Autumn Events at Your Sports Facilities

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Autumn Promotions that are Perfect for Sports Facilities

As summer turns to fall, the season of festivals and celebrations begins in the United States. With the motivation for the perfect beach body behind us, autumn represents a period where many sports facilities experience a drop in attendance. In order to avoid this lull, it is important to draw up plans for promoting your brand and attracting more members to visit your sports facility. Today, the team at Sports Facilities Management will share a few ideas to help you with your fall promotion.

Holiday Themed Events

One of the most popular, yet continually successful promotions that fitness and sports facilities employ is the holiday-themed event. You can expect major competition on many of the major holidays, so creativity is key. Host a 5k run on Thanksgiving to encourage physical activity on a day dedicated to giant feasts. Host a Veteran’s Day ‘Boot Camp’ training week and offer a portion of the proceeds to a charity focused on Veteran benefits. What better way to get people running than a Halloween-themed race: nothing motivates people to run harder than spooky monsters chasing them! The point is, there are a number of fun and active holiday events available in the fall. Set your sports facility apart by getting creative and offering unique events.
Another possibility is to think outside of the box in regards to fall holidays. Perhaps you can find an odd occasion that’ll give you an excuse to offer a sale and target more price-conscious customers. For instance, Child Health Day falls on October 5th. Offer a child health promotion in which you offer discounted admission to youth classes or programs.

Boost Your Brand’s Awareness

Fall is an excellent time to get out and spread your brand in your community. Consider taking your team out on a day of community service. Getting your employees out of the humdrum of day-to-day work not only build teamwork while giving back to the community, but will also help to get your sports facility name out and in the minds of community members. Ask your employees ways in which they would like to give back or causes they are passionate about for some excellent ideas.

Want to Bring Your Sports Facility to the Next Level?

Contact the Sports Facilities Management team today. Our industry-leading experts offer a wide range of management solutions that can help you achieve the results your business needs to thrive. Call our team directly at 727-474-3845 to learn more!

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