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Customer Service Tips for Upset Customers with SFM

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SFM: Turning Upset Customers into Loyal Patrons

Very few people are fans of conflict. In general, people tend to do what they can to avoid confrontation. Unfortunately, as a business owner, this is sometimes not possible. No matter how exceptional you and your support team may be at creating great customer experiences, eventually a mishandled event or poor experience will leave a customer upset. How you and your team respond to those situations will define your business in that customer’s eyes.
In the digital age, a poor experience can be memorialized on review sites — causing lasting damage to the reputation of your business. However, these events also provide an opportunity to go above and beyond the call of duty to turn an upset customer into a loyal patron. When these situations present themselves, here are a few tips from the SFM team to help you find a positive resolution.

Listen Intently

In order to resolve a poor situation, you must first understand it. Avoid assuming that a general idea of the problem is all you need to resolve it. Often, it is a very small aspect of the experience that soured the situation. Listen closely, and do not be afraid to ask them questions to better understand the problem.
Try not to take this feedback personally. Different people have different communication methods and this can lead to frustration or even further confrontation if you are not careful. Once you have learned exactly what the problem was, you are now equipped to address the problem with solutions.

Apologize Honestly

By far the most important step in this process is to sincerely apologize for the customer’s poor experience. When you admit your mistake and make it clear that you are sorry about the situation, you can quickly turn the situation to your favor. Studies have shown that customers are twice as likely to forgive a company that apologized for their mistake. Be courteous and offer a resolution that may help to make up for the mistake.

Empathize With the Customer

Empathy is a fundamental aspect of understanding and building relationships — and customer-business interactions are no different. By showing empathy for the customer you help them realize you understand the issues they are experiencing and you can start to work on fixing them. Use the customer’s name when expressing your understanding. Personalizing the experience has an immediate impact on the conversation and can quickly put a positive spin on the situation.

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