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Making Your Recreation Center Stand Out with Unique Features Part II

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More Unique Features to Help Your Recreation Center Stand Out

We’ve discussed some great additions you can add to your recreation center that can help it stand out from the pack in our previous blogs, but there are still many more that could be a better fit for your facility. Today, the SFM team will talk about some unique ideas that can not only add to your recreation center but can even be the defining feature of your facility.

Rock Climbing Wall

While not quite as novel as in years past, a rock climbing wall can be the defining feature of your recreation center. With the growing popularity of rock climbing, you can bring in serious numbers to your facility. Best of all, you don’t need to commit to a full-sized wall, even a bouldering feature can be a great workout for a relatively small investment.

Golf Simulator

Golf simulator technology has improved in a major way over the last few years. You now have the ability to replicate fairway, rough, and even sand traps. With systems able to capture your swing impact, spin, and the ball flight with high-tech sensors, you can recreate the game even on rainy days.

Indoor Sand Volleyball

Indoor sand volleyball is a big hit across the nation, as the cardio and plyometric training you get from working out in sand can incredibly beneficial. For many recreation centers, especially those in colder climates, an indoor sand volleyball court allows players to get their beach volleyball fix year round.

Outdoor Integration

Some recreation centers that are located near parks or trails have begun to take advantage of their location by offering outdoor sports rentals at their facility. Imagine renting mountain bikes to experience nearby trails from your recreation center. If your recreation center is located in an area that is good for biking or trail running, think outside the box and find a way to take advantage of it!

Clip ‘n Climb

One of the fastest growing physical challenges that many recreation centers are implementing is Clip ‘n Climb. In essence, imagine the features of a climbing wall combined with a theme park that can be enjoyed by all ages, thanks to the safety harness that is designed to support and protect you from falling. Features such as Clip ‘n Climb that are accessible to anyone make for great recreation center attractions as you are not limiting your potential clientele.

Interested in Designing Your Recreation Center?

Contact the SFM team today. Our team is an industry leader in sports facility planning and management and have helped dozens of major facilities successfully go from planning to delivery. To learn more about SFM contact our team directly at 727-474-3845.

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