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Necessary FF&E For Your Locker Room

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FF&E You Need in Your Locker Room

For many new sports facilities, it can be really exciting to plan all of the attractions and fitness features that you are going to install. While these are certainly key to the success of your business, there are also more mundane aspects of a successful sports facility. Today, SFM will discuss one of those mundane yet integral pieces of a facilities success — the locker room. If you are looking for guidance on what kind of FF&E you need for your locker room, continue reading below!

Locker Room Essentials

  • Lockers – Best to get the most obvious out of the way. Yes indeed, you will need lockers in your locker room. However, where many new facilities tend to go wrong is by underestimating the numbers they will need. This is especially true if you plan to rent locker space to your members. Locker rooms are often difficult to expand, so ensure you have given your facility enough space for the number of lockers you would need at peak membership levels.
  • Toilets – Another commonly underestimated amenity you will need in your locker room is toilets. You certainly don’t have to go overboard but it is a good idea to at least install 2 to 4 for both male and female locker rooms. Depending on where you are located, there are likely different zoning requirements that you will need to meet.
  • Shelving & Hooks – One of the more often overlooked FF&E are shelves and hooks. If you don’t have enough storage space for members who need to shower, change, or use the pool and hot tub, it can be a major inconvenience. However, unlike the previous two categories, these can easily be added after opening if you find yourself needing more storage.
  • Benches – Most fitness facilities will include benches in their locker rooms. They are always handy to have if the space is available. However, add alternative seating to your FF&E list for members who can’t sit as low, such as seniors. Simple additions like a few well-designed chairs can be a huge quality of life improvement for your movement-impaired members.
  • Electrical Outlets – While this isn’t a necessary FF&E in the changing area, electrical outlets are a basic requirement at the locker room sink and mirror area. You need at least enough outlets for hair dryers. Something like 4 to 5 outlets in each locker room should suffice.

Contact SFM for More FF&E Information

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