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Finding Quality Coaches for Your Sports Complex

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How to Find Great Coaches for Your Sports Complex

Anytime you hire a new coach or instructor for your sports complex, the stakes are high. Each person you bring to your business can have a significant impact on your company’s culture as well as the satisfaction and retention of your members. The success of your sports complex rests largely on the shoulders of your employees, as they are the ones who will interact with your clientele. As such, finding and hiring quality coaches is an incredibly important aspect of any sports complex.
Today, the experts at SFM will provide some guidelines you can follow that can help to find the most talented coaches and instructors in your area.

Always Be Recruiting

As an owner or manager of a sports complex, hiring new talent should always be a priority even when you are fully staffed. Every person you meet in the industry could be a potential future hire. Keep a database of people you have met that you would like to work with.
Get involved in the local sports and fitness community so you hear buzz about talented instructors. Attend conferences and fitness events, join Facebook groups, and keep your ear to the ground in your industry so you can stay ahead of your competition.
Networking and keeping in touch is key to ensuring you keep top talent at your facility. If you have a sudden opening, having relationships with potential coaches will ensure you fill the spot with a talented individual. Unplanned hiring due to unexpected vacancy often leads to mediocre hires. The simple way to avoid being caught in a bad hiring situation is to be proactive in the recruiting process.

Build Your Reputation as a Top Employer

Create a reputation as a sports complex that rewards instructors who go above and beyond. Implement strategies that will make your current coaches happy and they will often sing the praises of you as an employer. Build your reputation and all-star coaches and instructors will line up to work for you.
The way in which you compensate your instructors is another incredibly important aspect of your reputation as an employer. Implement incentives on top of base pay that reward instructors who attract members. Help your coaches set goals, and support them as best as you can to achieve those goals.

Be Clear About the Qualities You Value

It is incredibly important to make known the qualities your business values and hire for those qualities. There is no perfect coach or instructor, but there can be people who are ideal for your company. Set expectations and incentives based on these qualities and your team will strive to meet your goals.

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