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Alternative Income Sources for Your Sports Complex

Alternate uses for a sports complex gym

Other Uses for Your Sports Complex

Owning and managing a sports complex requires significant time and dedication. You work to ensure that everything is being taken care of and is producing the money necessary to keep everything running. While you may have built your sports complex for a specific use in mind, whether it be for a local sports team or as part of a school, your sports facilities may be able to be used for more than just physical activity. At Sports Facilities Advisory, we have created a list of some alternate uses for your sports complex to generate other sources of income for your business.

Other Sports Complex Uses

The original purpose of your sports complex has a large part in determining what other uses your facility can have. If your facility is predominantly an outdoor complex, like many used for sports like football and soccer, you may be limited by weather conditions during the off seasons. Indoor facilities have many more options available because they are not limited by the weather and seasons.
One of the easiest ways to use your facilities outside of their original intentions is to rent out the spaces available to smaller teams or organizations. Local leagues rarely have the space necessary to host events like tournaments and championships, and they often play at different times of the year than professional and school teams. By working with these organizations and providing the use of your facilities for a fee, you generate more income and create good standing in your community.
Another way you can generate more income for your sports complex is to rent it out for use with other community events. Organizations are always looking for spaces to host events and fundraisers. This may not generate as much income as some other options, but it can help you cement your value in your community. Indoor facilities like basketball gymnasiums can be rented out for big events like family reunions and concerts.
A final way to provide more money for your sports facilities during the off times is by hosting sports camps and clinics. These activities are great for any sports because they not only generate income for your sports complex but they also increase interest in the sport itself. Increased interest in the sports you host at your facilities increase sports tourism and can create further income in the future.

A Sports Complex with Sports Facilities Advisory

If you are interested in building a sports complex or recreation center in your community, Sports Facilities Advisory is here to help. Our experienced team will guide you through every step of the process from feasibility studies to management with our Sports Facilities Management team. For more information on our services, contact Sports Facilities Advisory today!

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