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How to Appeal to Mega Sports Tourism Events

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Bidding to Host Mega Sports Tourism Events

When it comes to growing awareness and increasing the revenue of your sports complex, very few opportunities can compete with hosting a mega sports tourism event. Traditionally, there are two types of sports tourism events. The first type is a massive scale professional or collegiate event that includes national or international endorsements and tv airtime. The second type is an amateur tournament or competition. Both forms of sports tourism benefit local business and increase the exposure for your sports facilities. Hosting a mega sports event only raises the level of awareness and profits to a national level, but it can take a lot of work.

Get Your Community Behind You

You always want your community to support your sports facilities. Whether you run a community recreation center or a state-of-the-art professional sports complex, you work with and for the community to improve their leisure opportunities and health. A close bond with the community plays an even more important role, however, if you bid to host a mega sports tourism event.

Mega Events Improve Cities

Mega sports tourism events bring thousands of visitors to cities. This influx of money can bolster the economy, but many cities are skeptical about bidding for these events. The bids are often pricey and come with stipulations. There are ways, though, that you can show even the most stubborn local leaders why these events benefit the community in more than just an economic way.
Stress the fact that these events do not come as isolated incidents. Cities host successful mega events will have a greater potential to host more in the future. Many times these events spur urban renewal and jumpstart much-needed infrastructure programs like light-rails or trolleys or improved bus routes. Though created to withstand the increased tourism for the event, these renewal projects will serve the community for years after sports fans leave.

Cater to Less Traditional Sports Tourism

More individualized and extreme sports continue to increase in popularity with each generation. Combining creativity, athleticism, and individual expression, extreme sports draw large crowds and cater to a specific die-hard fan base. Skateboarding, BMX, snowboard, and other extreme sports parks can host mega sports tourism events and add value for years afterward as younger generations get the urge to visit iconic locations in their niche sport. The fans of these sports tend to also participate, and your sports complex will cater to both professional mega events and amateur sports tourism.

Let Sports Facilities Advisory Take You Where You Need to Be

Sports Facilities Advisory specializes in not only designing beautiful and functional sports facilities but also producing feasibility studies for sports complexes. We consider all the details for you when you consider bidding for a mega sports tourism event or amateur competitions. Contact Sports Facilities Advisory today for the best advice in the industry.

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