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Stay Ahead of the Game by Setting Your Recreation Center Apart


Fierce Competition: How to Stay Competitive in the Recreation Center Industry

In today’s recreation center market, it’s more imperative than ever for owners to set their facility apart. Competition has become increasingly fierce in recent years, and it’s not enough to just include the basics. There are some great ways to set yourself apart in this saturated market, and it doesn’t hurt to be constantly innovating.


First and foremost, staying current with your technological applications has become an absolute must. This goes far beyond simply setting up wifi in your recreation center. The Internet allows you to communicate with customers and members. Contacting customers or members through email updates gives them a greater sense of attachment and community. It lets customers know what’s going on at your facility. Having a functional website is also important; if your website is hard to use and poorly made, it could turn away potential visitors. Another advancement to implement is paperless billing for your membership programs. If you are increasing your technical prowess, why not decrease your environmental footprint at the same time?

Better Amenities

To really separate yourself from the competition, you have to offer more than the typical recreation center. Unique fitness features, such as rock climbing walls, have become more popular and are a really impressive feature for customers. Spa-like amenities are also increasing in demand and popularity. Having amenities, such as saunas, hot tubs, and nicer showers can really set you apart. Some centers even include amenities like massage services. Another amenity you could implement is specialized fitness classes. Offering weekly yoga and pilates sessions keep people coming back and gives them more to do at your recreation center.

Top Notch Staff

Finally, it’s crucial to hire staff that is friendly and extremely knowledgeable. When hiring and training your staff, you have to think about what you would expect from a high-quality recreation center staff member. They need to have exceptional knowledge about specific aspects of the facility and be kind, welcoming, and courteous at the same time. This is especially important if you have fitness trainers on staff. Having poorly trained staff is unacceptable in this thriving and competitive industry.

Sports Facilities Advisory Can Help

Sports Facilities Advisory can make sure that your recreation center is innovative, exciting, and professional. We make sure everything you want to implement is feasible, and we can help you plan everything out. Our management services give you the tools you need to continue succeeding for years to come. Contact us today to discuss plans for your new or existing facility.

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