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Sports Tourism: How to Involve the Community


How to Increase Community Sports Tourism

If you own a sports complex that is home to a local professional team, sports tourism is probably always on your mind. How can you get more people to the games? How do you garner up support for your team? It can be a constant struggle to get the community interested in what your sports facilities have to offer and to keep that interest over time. At Sports Facilities Advisory, we have some advice on how to get your local community involved and increase your sports tourism.

From Community to Sports Fans

As much as you try, you cannot make someone be interested if they don’t want to be. Increasing the sports tourism to your complex through the community is more nuanced than wanting them to like a certain sports team. You want to give your community a reason to care.
In order to get the community to invest in what you are doing, you need to invest in what they are doing. A good overall image in the community can do more for your sports tourism than pure marketing ever could. Your organization can sponsor a fundraiser, donate to an important local cause, or even just volunteer to help clean up a park.
To bring the focus back on your sports team and facility, one of the most impactful things to do is host events for children and their families. Have day camps where kids can learn the fundamentals of the sport from the players themselves. There can be skills competitions and classes for all ages, even adults who may have played the sport in high school or college. Get other businesses and organizations in your community involved to incorporate food and prizes.
The most important thing to remember when trying to generate more sports tourism through your community is that not everything is going to work at first. Incentives like free tickets and other giveaways may get customers in your doors once, but there are minimal lasting effects. By taking the time and investing in your community, the community will eventually begin to invest back.

Sports Tourism Advice from Sports Facilities Advisory

At Sports Facilities Advisory, we understand that trying to increase your sports tourism takes serious time and investment. Our team is here to help you in every part of your sports facility planning process, from feasibility studies to the opening and management of your new sports complex. For more information about the services we offer, contact us at Sports Facilities Advisory today!

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