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How On-Campus Sports Facilities Benefit Colleges

Sports Facilities are Great for a College Campus

 On-Campus Sports Facilities for Colleges

Sports facilities are not just for apartment complexes, community recreation centers, and hotels. Another popular place to find them is on the campus of a college or state university. On-campus facilities also benefit colleges and universities in countless ways and make a huge impact on the communities around them.
If you are part of the decision-making team involved in adding a sports facility to a college or university, here are a few great reasons to solidify the decision and dive right in.

Sports Facilities Result in More Active Students and Faculty

The truth is, if you have a sports facility on campus and promote it well, students and faculty will take advantage of its convenience. And more active students and faculty means healthier lifestyles for everyone. Having a sports facility within walking distance of the dormitories and other common areas will encourage students and faculty to be more active, engage in team sports with their peers, and attend intramural games on campus.

Opportunity for Event Hosting

Sports facilities on campuses of colleges and universities also allow for event hosting of other types. Whether it’s an indoor fair, a high school game, or a university club event, sports facilities are much more than just a place to work out or play basketball — they are also multi-purpose spaces that can be repurposed as needed.

Attract More Prospective Students and Visitors

Students and visitors are more likely to choose a college or university that provides amenities such as an on-campus sports facility. Being able to provide sports facilities for students and community members also shows a diligence and dedication on your part, emphasizing the fact that you want students to be happy and healthy.

Learn More with Sports Facilities Advisory

Sports facilities can truly expand opportunities, impact the on-campus culture, and encourage healthy habits on a college campus. If you are considering investing in a sports facility or need assistance revitalizing an existing one, please contact Sports Facilities Advisory today.
Our experienced team of industry experts will help you get started with the master planning and consulting service from Sports Facilities Advisory and even provide ongoing sports facility management with our management firm, Sports Facility Management.
Give us a call today to learn more about the options. We’re always eager to work with new clients to make their venture dreams a reality. Simply call 727.474.3845 or fill out our online contact form.

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