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Frequently Asked Questions About Sports Facility Planning


Learn more about our sports facility planning process.

Sports facility planning can be a complex process with countless factors to consider. But Sports Facilities Advisory can help make it easier. We understand that as a developer, institution or organization, probably have a few questions about the facility planning process and how it works. Take the time to review our FAQ for answers to your questions and if you still can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us today!
What kind of office space should be included in my sports complex design?
That depends on what kind of complex you will be building. If your project is a community recreation center, you’ll want to think about your staff members. How many do you have? Of those, which ones work from the facility? Do you want your staff members to be located within a certain area of the complex? What area of the complex would be easiest and most convenient for customers to find and meet with your staff? If you’re building a sports complex that will primarily be used for sports tourism, your office space may look a little bit different. Throughout the course of the sports facility planning process, these are the kinds of questions Sports Facility Advisory/Sports Facility Management staff will be discussing with you. We can help you determine what kind and how much office space will be best for your specific sports facility.
What is the best location for my new sports complex or recreation center?
Construction-ready land is always great because it doesn’t require as much preparation before the actual construction can begin. Valuable time and money can be spent clearing away brush and trees, grading and blasting rock so consider your options carefully. The Sports Facility Advisory/Sports Facility Management team will help you assess the options and find the ideal location for your sports complex or recreation center that will be both highly-trafficked and as cost effective as possible.
What kinds of materials can I use to help reduce construction costs?
Durable building materials like high-impact drywall, prefabricated steel, and LED lighting are just three examples of cost-effective and durable materials that can both save you money during the facility planning and construction phases. Once we meet with you to discuss your budget, project goals and conduct a feasibility study, we can more accurately assess how we can help you reduce your construction costs.
Will you help me promote my sports complex after it has opened?
Yes! Sports Facilities Advisory/Sports Facilities Management can help with a number of things both before and after your sports complex has opened, including (but not limited to):

  • Marketing and publicity
  • Operations
  • Event management
  • Safety
  • Staff recruitment and training
  • Bookkeeping and financial reports
  • Pre-opening event booking and sales

What vendors should I use?
During the facility planning process, vendors will no doubt come up in conversation. Fortunately, we have a list of preferred vendors that we trust to help you provide consumers with the best services out there. Contact us to learn more about our preferred vendors and how you can work with them.
There are many, many more factors to consider during the facility planning process, but Sports Facilities Advisory is more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Please browse our website for more information or contact us today!

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