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Key Components of Sports Facility Management


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Here’s how we effectively provide sports facility management.

With the ever-growing industries of sports tourism and recreation, sports facility management of indoor and outdoor complexes has become a task that requires highly experienced leadership. Sports Facilities Advisory/Sports Facilities Management can provide you with that experienced leadership to ensure the success of your sports complex or community recreation center. Below are a few key components of sports facility management we provide for each of our clients.

Program Development

A large part of sports facility management is program development. We work with all our clients to determine programmatic goals and the strategies to achieve those goals. We can help you develop facility programs for a variety of groups such as school-age kids, serious athletes, stay at home moms, high school age teens and more. Whether you want to provide your customers with sport-specific training sessions or a variety of classes for all ages, we can help you design a program structure that is engaging, inviting and cost-effective.

Cost Containment

Our sports facility management teams work hard to improve the profitability of sports facilities with effective cost containment strategies. By eliminating or decreasing unnecessary spending and maintaining current spending, we can help you meet the financial goals for your sports complex or recreation center.

Human Resources

When it comes to administration duties, hiring and training of staff, Sports Facilities Advisory/Sports Facilities Management maintains a quality program to ensure the day-to-day operations of sports facilities run smoothly and efficiently. Our systematic approach includes the recruitment, placement, and training of staff members to build a highly qualified and experienced team of professionals. Retaining staff isn’t an issue with SFA|SFM because your employees are part of a company culture and a highly motivated team with lofty goals, efficient strategies, and effective management.


Through advanced marketing partnerships, the SFA|SFM team provides highly effective sports facility management that attracts sponsors, drives revenue and promotes your facility within the community and beyond. We will create and provide you with a roadmap to optimize the performance of your facility. Although it would be nice to just build a complex and assume great design, awesome programs, and a five-star staff will bring the masses – that’s not always true. Our marketing strategies can help bring people to your door and increase community participation and use of your sports complex.

Asset Management

Our sports facility management services also include asset management. This includes management consulting with your current staff. Sports Facilities Advisory/Sports Facilities Management also has access to a number of resources, tools, and systems that can be implemented within your sports facility to improve profitability and operations. Want to learn more about our sports facility management services? Contact Sports Facilities Advisory today for more information.

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