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Tips for Staff Retention at Sports Facilities


Manage employee turnover with support from Sports Facilities Advisory.

No matter what type of business you run, staff retention is a constant priority. It’s no different when you’re managing sports facilities. Staff retention is more than simply making sure all the necessary paperwork is signed. It involves developing a culture that attracts the highest quality candidates and inspires loyalty in them once they’re part of the team. Here are some ways you can create a satisfying workplace for the employees of your sports complex or recreation center.
Promote an atmosphere of personal growth and investment among your employees. Sports facilities personnel is largely comprised of coaches, trainers, and instructors. Leave room in the budget to help them obtain special certifications or teaching credentials. A well-qualified staff will bring more long-term clients to your sports complex. You can also find educational opportunities for your administrative and clerical staff. The more knowledge they have, the smoother your day-to-day operations will be. Your employees invest a great deal of their time and energy into your business. Return the favor by investing in their career development and watch the stabilizing effect it has on your staff.
Come up with creative incentives for outstanding employee performance. By their very nature, sports facilities enjoy an atmosphere that is a bit more relaxed than the typical office, so simply offering casual Friday once in awhile probably won’t be enough. You could, however, give a priority parking spot to the staff member who brings on the most new clients in a particular quarter.
As a sports facility, you are bound to attract clients from all types of industries and professions. You might be able to leverage these relationships in a mutually beneficial way. Say, for instance, one of your clients works for a professional sports team in the area. You could possibly arrange a deal where you offer access to training sessions or facilities at a discounted rate in exchange for discounted game tickets that you can then offer to exemplary employees. This is only one example of the many ways of rewarding good employees. When you commit to these types of incentives, you create a productive, spirited environment that your staff won’t want to be without.
Finally, keep the lines of communication open. In the management of sports facilities, it’s important to keep your staff involved in the decision-making process, particularly when it comes to matters that directly impact their daily routine. It’s also a good idea to solicit employee feedback regarding workplace concerns through periodic meetings or questionnaires. This is a good way to monitor employee satisfaction and implement changes if need be. Your employees have a voice. The more you listen, the less likely they’ll leave.
Constant turnover among sports facilities staff is stressful, expensive and time-consuming, so it is crucial to do what you can to keep your valued employees coming back every day. Learn more ways to attract and retain a talented and satisfied staff through a partnership with Sport Facilities Advisory and Sport Facilities Management.

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