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Why Feasibility Studies are Critical to the Success of Any Project


Sports Facilities Advisory can attest to the value of feasibility studies.

The next time you hit the hardwood for your rec league basketball game, or the next time you watch your kids run up and down the local soccer field, remember that a great deal of hard work went into the planning of those facilities, long before they ever came to fruition. The best laid plans always include feasibility studies. These are comprehensive evaluations of the ongoing viability of a building project.
The analysis covers market characteristics, site selection, facility components, financial projections as well as facility use and management. A sports complex developer may find this process overwhelming, but Sports Facilities Advisory can take the stress out of preparing these crucial assessments and even turn it into a fun and educational process for everyone involved.
An air-tight feasibility plan is critical in securing financing for a privately funded project. Thorough market research is an early and ongoing theme. SFA and SFM will conduct preliminary research to determine the demand for a sports complex or facility in a given neighborhood. We continue evaluating the market, from the preliminary research and meeting with the client through completion of the planning phase.
These robust studies will include strategies for optimizing the long-term financial viability and positive cash flow of a planned sports complex. From estimates of initial construction and start-up costs to detailed, long-term financial forecasting, SFA provides all the resources necessary for turning your business plan into a recreational reality.
Even after the most meticulous planning, skilled and dedicated management is required to keep a recreational facility running smoothly. As part of a strong feasibility study, a plan for this must also be in place. Owners can choose to outsource their sports facility management to SFM for innovative daily operations, booking, and talent development solutions. Facility managers who choose to keep their operations in-house can still benefit from SFM’s valuable consulting services as well.

Feasibility Studies from Sports Facilities Advisory

Effective feasibility studies leave no stone unturned. When deciding on the financing, location, design, and management of a recreational facility, every alternative must be carefully considered. A viable solution must be in place for every potential problem. A recognized innovator in the planning, development, and management of community recreation centers and sports complexes, Sports Facilities Advisory eases the burden of the planning process so you can focus on finding new and exciting ways of enriching your community through sports and recreation.

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