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Sports Facilities Advisory Process


Explaining the Sports Facilities Advisory six step process.

Here at Sports Facilities Advisory, we pride ourselves on our ability to get results. Want to build a sports complex? Need development funding? How about a new community recreation center? Thanks to our tried and proven six step process, Sports Facilities Advisory is able to consistently achieve your project goals. Below we’ll explain what each step does, as well as how it works, in order to better illustrate how we can turn your dream project into a reality.

The Sports Facilities Advisory Process

Feasibility Studies

When acquiring a feasibility study, it’s paramount that we do so from a company with a proven track record. Does this company consistently accomplish their set goals, financial and otherwise? Do they follow through on promises? If yes, Sports Facilities Advisory can then move forward and provide analysis and research-based documentation that, in turn, allows us to move forward with your project.


After we have established what we need to do and who can realistically pay for it, Sports Facilities Advisory then lays out an overview of the project. This, also referred to as facility planning, typically consists of a series of questions. What type of center do you want to build, how big or small does that center need to be, how much money do we need to invest/raise, where do we build it, so on and so forth.


This is the stage in which Sports Facilities Advisory moves a project from the ‘this is a really neat idea’ to ‘this is a really neat idea that’s now fully financed.’ And while financing such sports facilities is often a complicated endeavor, we are able to consistently accomplish this thanks to our experience in establishing trustworthy partnerships with teams who are not only reliable and safe but also creditworthy.


While most people probably envision this grand and dramatic scene, the actual opening process is one that begins well before that (from vendor selection to bookkeeping structure, to marketing and branding). And it starts with a meeting. Here, Sports Facilities Advisory develops a timeline of actions and steps that must be taken in order to meet our target goals.


It doesn’t matter if you have a great facility in a great market, if it’s not managed correctly it won’t perform well. The problem most new facilities struggle with is that they overlook a number of key details. And it’s the accumulation of many omitted details that ultimately leads to the demise of a multi-million dollar venue. However, with the Sports Facilities Advisory management program, there are steps in place to ensure that doesn’t happen to you.


Whether you’re a successful operation seeking to enhance returns, or a center struggling to find traction, Sports Facilities Advisory can optimize your results. We do this by taking a look inside your operations – staff, finances, etc. – giving ourselves and owners alike invaluable insight into opportunities for improvement.

Sports Facilities Advisory: Process Overview

With our thorough and comprehensive six step process, Sports Facilities Advisory feels confident in telling you that we’ll make sure your sports facility is well planned, funded, opened, managed, and an overall success. Browse our website for more information about our process, or any of the other services we can provide for you.

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