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What to Consider When Starting a Batting Cage Facility

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What to Consider When Starting a Batting Cage Facility

A batting cage business can be the centerpiece of your baseball-focused sports complex. Clever entrepreneurs are quickly learning that high-quality batting cages can be an incredible draw if done correctly. Learn what you need to consider before starting your batting cage facility with Sports Facilities Advisory.

Who Makes Up Your Target Market?

Before you begin designing your facility and the planned amenities it is crucial to research the potential market base in your area. While veteran and novice baseball players will likely make up the majority of your clientele, families looking for an afternoon of recreation can also make up a large portion of your customer base. A market research report can help your business find and understand exactly what your community is missing and what people in your community want.

Obtain the Capital for Your Business

Depending on the scale of your planned batting cage facility, you will likely need to obtain a business loan or private investors to fund the construction of your building. Partnering with an advisory firm like Sports Facilities Advisory can connect your project with funding sources and prepare your project to attract the right investors.

FF&E Procurement

Depending on the space of your facility, it is essential to plan for the necessary equipment your batting cages will need. Some of the necessary FF&E includes:

  • Pitching Machines
  • Conveyor system to recover and feed balls back to the machine
  • Safety netting and cage infrastructure
  • Bats, baseballs, softballs, and helmets
  • Computer systems for administration
  • Necessary software
  • Website and digital marketing
  • Insurance for your facility

Find the Right Staff

One of the most important aspects of opening a new business is finding the right employees for your facility. Whether you need baseball coaches, instructors, front desk, or maintenance staff — the right people will ensure your business connects with your community in a friendly, professional manner.

Partner with Sports Facilities Advisory Today

If you are interested in starting your own baseball training facility, choose the industry leaders in sports facility planning and funding. Sports Facilities Advisory has helped businesses across the country go from concept to concrete. We have a team of experts from every field, hundreds of prior business contacts at our disposal, and a wealth of experience. To get started with SFA, call our team today at 727-474-3845.

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