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Investment Packet: What Investors are Looking For

Investment packet.

Investment Packet: What Investors are Looking For

When it comes to finding investors for your sports facility or recreation center, there are a number of specific things they will be looking for. Including these factors in your investment packet can make all the difference when securing long-term funding. What kind of information should you be sure to include? In this blog, Sports Facilities Advisory covers what potential investors are looking for in a viable project.

What Would You Expect in an Investment Opportunity?

Before we get into the details of what investors typically look for, take a moment to put yourself in their position. If someone proposed an investment opportunity to you, what would you be looking for? What would you want or expect to get back? Obviously, there is a wide range of potential answers to questions like this, but just considering it from this perspective can help you get started.

A Reason to Invest

What reason would someone have to invest in your project? Beyond an obvious answer such as financial benefits or returns, many projects related to recreation also offer the benefits of positive perception with the public. A business that invests in community or recreation centers is more likely to benefit from a positive image, as they are seen to be taking an active part in the health and happiness of that community.

Demonstrable Success and Real Potential

If you have experience with successfully managing or building facilities in the past, then you have an advantage when it comes to appealing to investors. The majority of investors are looking for clear evidence of past success, as it shows that they can rely on you for a return on their investment.
That is not to say that those without experience are completely out of luck, however. If you are seeking investors for a first-time project, you can still offer this level of reassurance through detailed planning, in-depth market research, and a solid, well-defined team. It can certainly be more challenging to find investors as a first-timer, but it is far from impossible.

Active Involvement

When people hear or read the word “investor” they typically picture someone who is far more concerned with finances than anything else. You may be surprised at just how rare that is. Many investors commit to a project because they want to be an active part of the project.
Taking an active part in community improvement is almost universally good for a business, and the more involved an investor is, the more they typically benefit. Offer this involvement as part of your investment packet or offer.

Plan Your Facility with Sports Facilities Advisory

It is important to keep in mind that this is just some general information about what investors may be looking for. Depending on where you are planning to build and what kind of facility you provide, these details may be different. For specific advice and guidance, contact us about sports complex and event center planning today.

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