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Recruiting Quality Employees

Employee Recruitment

Recruiting Quality Employees

In a previous blog post, we discussed some of the challenges that a human resources department might face. One of the most challenging aspects of human resources is staff recruitment. How do you recruit high-quality employees? This is definitely not a simple task, but the right plan can make the process much easier. In this Sports Facilities Management blog, we will talk about what you can do to recruit good employees for your recreation center or sports facility.

Make a Good Job Listing

The typical way to attract talent to your company is through job listings. In this listing, you should include a detailed description of the job, skills that are necessary, and skills that are a plus. A clear and comprehensive job listing will help to prevent endless applications from unqualified candidates.

Thoroughly Review Resumes

Once you have a good amount of resumes, it’s time to begin the review process. When you do this, you should make sure to have a consistent metric that you can use to rate each candidate. Eliminate resumes that do not meet your minimum qualifications, then begin assessing the remaining applicants for experience, education, and other useful skills that would make them an exceptional employee.
After a thorough review, schedule interviews with your chosen candidates. Before they come in, call their references to get a general idea of their work ethic and ability to work with others.


The interview is a chance to get to know the candidate as a person. During the interview, you should try to get a feel for how well the candidate would fit into your company culture, how positive their attitude is, and how motivated they are.
Make sure to prepare questions to ask them, and allow them to ask you questions afterward. It is a good sign if the interview flows easily in a conversational fashion. Make sure to take notes about each candidate so you can compare them after the interviews are all finished.


After thorough analysis, make a decision as to which candidate is best for your company. If your candidate accepts the position, training will be the next step. If you have a good training program, your candidate should be integrated in no time. Make sure you incentivize quality work to keep dedicated, exceptional employees around.

Choose Sports Facilities Management

Hiring new employees can be an arduous and time-consuming process. It is much easier to leave it to the professionals. Sports Facilities Management offers outsourced management and staffing for sports facilities and recreation centers. Contact us today for more information.

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