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Holding Employees Accountable

Employees at Work

Holding Employees Accountable

When your employees are not accountable for their work, things start to slip through the cracks. Mistakes are made and your business can suffer. No matter what kind of manager you are, you need to make sure you hold your employees responsible for their actions. They must be able to work independently, but they must also be accountable for their work. In this Sports Facilities Management blog, we discuss how to make sure your employees are held accountable.

Set Standards

In order for employees to be held accountable, there have to be standards first. When you are creating your employee handbook, make sure you clearly lay out all of the expectations you have for your employees.
Make it clear that employees need to consistently meet expectations, or disciplinary action may be in order. It sounds harsh, but this is standard practice for any company. Most employees will expect this and have no issue with it.

Do Performance Reviews

Regular performance reviews are a good way to hold employees accountable for their work. It is up to your discretion as to how often you want to do performance reviews, but at least a couple of times a year is recommended. A performance review is a good opportunity to outline what an employee does well and point out some of their weaknesses too.
A performance review can be very constructive for everyone involved. Some employees would love the chance to learn how they can improve and offer more for the company. Remember, if an employee is not meeting expectations, you do not have to wait until a performance review to bring it up to them. Sometimes it is necessary to set up a quick meeting with an employee to get back on track.
Make sure to provide your employee with a copy of their performance review so they are able to look it over again if they want to. You may also consider having employees review themselves before their performance review so you can compare notes. Your employees may be more aware of their weaknesses than you realize, which can sometimes make them easier to address.

Reward for Results

Accountability does not have to be entirely negative. If your employees are consistently meeting or exceeding expectations, make sure you show them you appreciate their efforts. Employees are likely to perform better if they know they are being recognized for their accomplishments.

Choose Sports Facilities Management

If you do not have time to manage employees, allow Sports Facilities Management to handle it for you. We offer outsourced management and staffing for sports facilities and recreation centers. Contact us today for more information and find out how we can help you.

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