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The Equipment You Need to Maintain Baseball Sports Facilities

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The Most Important Equipment for Maintaining Baseball Sports Facilities

If you are planning to open a sports facility that is focused on baseball or softball fields, there are a few maintenance items you should plan to purchase before you open. Maintaining a field does not have to be a full-time job as long as you have the tools required to perform the required duties quickly and efficiently. If you want to ensure your field is safe for your players and want to keep your facility looking its best, check out the following equipment every baseball field should have.

Essential Baseball Sports Facility Maintenance Equipment

  • Field Rake – The field rake is perhaps the most iconic item used on a baseball field outside of bats and catcher’s mitts. Raking out cleat marks and divots as well as leveling high and low spots are incredibly important for keeping your dirt field looking great.
  • Steel Mat Drag – A steel mat drag is an essential grooming tool after you have raked the field. This item helps to pull material from high spots onto low spots by redistributing dirt evenly. A steel mat drag will quickly level large sections of your field, however, you will want to avoid areas that are close to the edges. Those areas can be leveled with a field broom much more efficiently.
  • Shovels – Perhaps it is not the most elegant tool you will use on the baseball field, but a shovel can save your back when you need to scoop up debris from the field edges, the mound, and the plate.
  • A Tamp – A tamp is a necessary investment if you want to preserve the quality of the batter’s box and mound. Using a tamp to pack down clay will help to minimize the damage done during play, as these areas undergo the most damage during a game.
  • Dig-Out Tool – A dig-out tool is essentially a long steel spatula with a tapered edge that you can use to pull bases out and clean up the area around the base anchors. The ability to pull out bases when you are doing your routine field drag will help to prevent wobbly bases.
  • Push or Field Broom – A push broom is a tool that you will use to maintain the edges of the field and to level areas that your steel mat drag can’t reach. A clean edge to the field is how you can ensure your baseball sports facility looks great years after opening, and that is best done with a push broom.

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