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Keeping Football Players Safe At Your Sports Complex

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Keeping The Players Safe At Your Sports Complex

There are few subjects in sports that are talked about more than player safety in football. As our knowledge on concussions and the dangers of related injuries and conditions has developed, the sport has scrambled to make itself safer and more enjoyable for football players. While much of that burden falls on coaches and administrators at the high school and college level, it can also fall on you if you are developing a football sports complex.
Today, Sports Facilities Advisory wants to give you some tips for keeping your players safe while they are at your facility.

Hire Good Coaches

One of the biggest contributors to increasing injury numbers for young football players is their technique. Many players simply don’t know how to make a proper tackle. Since football-specific facilities aren’t all that common, you have the chance to hire the best coaches for your facility.
Even if it is just an offseason training facility, you can hire high-quality coaches that will be able to teach young players the fundamentals of tackling and even how to avoid vulnerable positions on the field.

Invest In Good Equipment

Another major factor in youth football injuries is a lack of strong equipment. Unfortunately, football equipment can be very expensive, and many schools or organizations can’t afford to pay for durable equipment. If you are developing a sports complex that will be focusing on football, you should budget for the best equipment.
For high schools, that might look like helmets, but at third-party facilities, that could look like tackling dummies or even specific training equipment. Football is a violent sport, so playing without the right equipment is a recipe for disaster.

Consider Enacting An Age Limit

Over the last several years, this idea has gained more and more traction. If you are developing a sports complex that not only focuses on football but also hosts games and leagues, you should consider enacting an age limit for those leagues. Many coaches and even professional players believe that young football players can develop the necessary skills for high school and beyond without playing tackle football.
If you want to do this, you can host flag football leagues for younger players and still give them access to top coaches to develop their skills without having to endure the physical toll of tackle football before their bodies are ready for it.

Contact Sports Facilities Advisory For Football Sports Complex Tips

If you are developing a sports complex that will be focused on football, it is important that safety be your first priority. For more information or tips, give Sports Facilities Advisory a call at (727) 474-3845 or contact us online today.

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