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Gregg Wisecarver

Programming and Events

Gregg Wisecarver

Programming and Events

Gregg is a passionate team leader who has made a career of using sports as a vehicle to enhance the lives of young people and to build community. Gregg began his career in sports ministry and served as vice president of Upward Sports leading training, program development and event creation to help grow the Upward client base by 500 percent in his time there. He brings not only his passion for sports but tremendous ability to develop processes, programs, and high-performing teams to his role as an Account Executive for Sports Facilities Companies.

In this position, Account Executive role, Gregg leads clients through the hurdles of the start-up operational development process. This includes setting up policies and procedures, booking the facility, establishing programming, and navigating local political climates. Gregg specializes in relationship management and takes pride in the deep connections that he has made with our clients.

Gregg has managed accounts totaling more than $200 million and individual operating budgets of over $4 million annually. His clients’ managed assets include, indoor/outdoor turf, fitness centers, hardwood courts, arcades, ninja courses, cafes, ropes courses, climbing centers, inflatable domes, multipurpose/meeting spaces, competition pools, and more.

Notable Projects

  • The Bridge Sports Complex, Bridgeport, WV
  • Iron Peak Sports & Events, Hillsborough, NJ
  • The Morristown Landing, Morristown, TN
  • Open Court Sports Complex, Katy, TX
  • Highlands Sports Complex, Triadelphia, WV
  • Civic Park, Eugene, OR

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