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Gracie Alfonso

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Gracie Alfonso

Gracie is a rising professional within Human Resources who brings to the table a wealth of experience in customer service, staff training, and recruitment. With her adept problem-solving skills, she has previously demonstrated her mastery in training, communications, and talent acquisition across several different industries. Serving as the Human Resources Coordinator at The Sports Facilities Companies, Gracie utilizes her extensive background in customer service coupled with her ambition and passion for helping others.

In her role as the Human Resources Coordinator, Gracie plays a pivotal part in propelling the growth strategies of The SF Companies’ Human Resources department. Some of her duties include the gathering and management of employee data, as well as an active role in the acquisition and training of new personnel. Gracie meticulously crafts comprehensive job templates, which play a key role in identifying potential candidates for our support center and all our managed venues. Her contributions reflect the company’s expertise, experience, and community-focused approach, all while fostering a positive economic impact through data-driven insights.

In her previous role as a Recruiting Intern, Gracie exceeded her goals by sourcing 33 hires. She also delivered a 40 percent increase in candidates from social media and print advertising in 10 weeks, by building a new online presence, expanding brand awareness and position availability.


  • University of South Florida – Bachelor of Science in Business Management with a focus on Human Resources Management
  • Hillsborough Community College – Associate in Arts

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