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Sports Facility Management on Venue Insurance

Sports Facility Management on venue specific insurance.

Sports Facility Management: What Kind of Insurance Does My Location Need?

No sports complexes or sports facilities can function without insurance of some kind. These are places where athletes of all ages and abilities come together to run, jump, and play their hardest. It is not a matter of if but of when an injury will occur. At Sports Facility Advisory, we know few things make for more difficult decisions than choosing the right insurance policy for your business. For that reason, our Sports Facility Advisory team thought we’d help out by breaking down the different types of policies and their benefits.


The simplest coverage plan comes with the smallest price tag, but it actually gives you a decent amount. Liability covers lawsuits pertaining to injuries and property damage. If a player gets injured at your sports complex and wants to sue you, this insurance will come in handy to help you out. If you want an insurance policy that helps you avoid lawsuits altogether by paying a portion of your member’s medical bills, then our Sports Facility Advisory team suggests you look for wider coverage.

Accidental Injury

Helping players pay their medical bills will lower the chances of dealing with the stress and time commitment of lawsuits. Accidental injury coverage will help cover costs of injury sustained at your sports complex. Some accidental injury policies, when combined with liability insurance, will offer even more coverage through participant legal liability. This liability covers disputes between athletes at your sports complex. This can save your sport complex’s name from getting dragged through the muck.

Event Insurance

Many of the sports complexes designed by Sports Facility Advisory have gone on to host major events, and some elements of these events take place outside the sports complex itself. Event insurance exists for these moments. Believe it or not, your accident injury or liability policies will not cover spaces outside your sports facilities. If any accidents occur at an event your business hosts off of your property, be it a marathon race or a trip to a park, you could pay. If you don’t want to risk paying out of pocket, opt for event insurance.

Worker’s Compensation

All businesses, big and small, should consider worker’s compensation insurance. At Sports Facility Advisory, we have seen too many companies risk lawsuits and spend time mired in legal battles. Save yourself the hassle and get this policy.

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