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What To Do When Someone Is Injured In Your Sports Complex

Dealing with an injury at your sports complex.

What Steps Should You Take If Someone Is Injured In Your Sports Complex?

Let’s face it: sports cause injuries. Few competitive players of any sports spend their entire careers healthy. If you run a sports complex, you should expect and prepare for injuries. They can happen at any moment, and they can come from over competitive play, an odd misstep, or a problem with the playing surface at the sports complex. There are only so many things you can do to avoid an injuries, but your team can prepare in such a way that they respond to an injury in a positive way.

Prepare for Each and Every Game

Nothing would be more frustrating than seeing a player sustaining an injury due to negligence. Make sure your staff is well organized and knows the precise schedule of events, league games, and tournaments happening at your sports complex. No maintenance equipment should be left on the fields. Make sure sprinklers are turned off. Properly label any courts or fields under maintenance or construction to keep teams from using them as warm up areas. This all sounds very obvious, but it only takes one slip up for an athlete to get injured out your sports facilities.

Make Sure Athletes and Teams of Access to Medical Records

A small injury can turn to a much larger issue if a player has an allergic reaction or preexisting conditions that exacerbate the concern. If your sports complex hosts a league or tournament, make sure coaches have access to or are informed of their players’ medical histories. This can mean the difference between a minor injury and a major safety concern.

Keep a First Aid Kit Handy

Plenty of minor injuries occur during each and every game. Make sure players have access to the small things that help them get back onto the field or recovering immediately. Players will want access to everything from bandaids to ice packs to sports wrap. If you provide them with these things, it will put your one step ahead of competitors who can’t remember if they have a first aid kit buried in their managerial office or not.

Prepare Your Sports Complex Team for Worst Case Scenarios

Sometimes serious injuries occur, and your staff will need to know exactly what to do. Make sure you establish a response plan and ensure each of your employees knows each step of the protocol. In case of a serious injuries, you should call EMS. Make sure your employees on duty know to give the information necessary to help the response team. This includes the address, the type of injury, and the actions taken to help the athlete in question. Hopefully your sports facilities will not have to use these procedures very often, but having them in place will help your team work efficiently during stressful moments.

Get the Sports Facilities Management Team on Your Side

If you want to make your sports complex more competitive and more lucrative, look to our team of experienced professionals. We can help you with every element of management. It doesn’t matter if you need your sports facilities back on track or just want to perfect your game. Sports Facilities Management is the team for you.

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