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Why Branding Matters for Sports Facilities

Branding is an extremely important part of any successful business, and sports facilities are no different. If you want your sports complex or recreation center to thrive, you must dedicate sufficient focus to your branding and marketing strategies. With our many years of experience, Sports Facilities Management can offer some advice on the effective and impactful branding of sports complexes that can make your location the first choice of the people in your area.

What Image Do You Want to Present?

When it comes to branding, the first thing you need to consider is the image of your recreation center that you want to project. Think about sports facilities in general and what they offer, and think about what makes yours stand out.
Beyond what makes your location unique, think about the voice you want to have. Every successful brand, from the biggest, multinational corporation to the smallest, thriving independent business, has a specific and distinctive style in their marketing material that is recognizable to their client base.
For sports facilities, the voice tends to be more casual and relatable. This is chiefly because of the service that is being offered – recreation is meant to be fun, and a stiff, formal style will likely not put people in the right mood. There are many ways you can sound professional while also being playful and casual. The trick is finding the perfect balance between the two.

Don’t Be Afraid to Try New Things

How to get the perfect mix of casual and professional leads into the next thing to think about – trying new things. For many business owners, particularly of an older generation, it can be hard to grasp the language of the current zeitgeist out of fear of getting it wrong and appearing try-hard and out of touch.
This is where some of the bravery demonstrated when you first started planning your sports complex comes back into play – be ready to try new things. If you are lacking confidence in how to engage with a younger or more modern audience, then ask questions. Research what is popular, talk to younger customers and even staff members. Using a good marketing team, whether internal or external, can be an immeasurable help.

Expand Your Brand Digitally

Speaking of trying new things to appeal to a younger market – Sports Facility Management cannot stress enough how important it is to make the most of digital media. Sports facilities all over the world now use the internet—from videos to social media—to appeal to both repeat and new users. Not only is it one of the most effective ways to appeal to them but, perhaps more importantly, it offers the opportunity to engage.
The engagement offered through digital marketing and a solid digital presence is extremely valuable for building customer loyalty and making the most of feedback. Avoid ignoring this vital element, but also avoid wasting the time building various social media profiles for your facility just for the sake of having them. Dedicate your time, or a team of staff, to focus on your digital presence.

Keeping the Consistency

Throughout your branding strategy, you need to remember that your brand is your identity in the outside world. You need to make sure that your voice, message, and image remain consistent. This includes not only what you write in ad copy, on your website, or on social media, but also the design and look of your locations.
Many of the best, most successful sports facilities have a consistent look that runs throughout the building, from the gym to the swimming pools to the dining areas. For larger chains, this look often remains consistent even throughout different buildings in different locations. This consistency is what keeps many users coming back. Familiarity builds loyalty, and if your users know what to expect each time they visit, they are more likely to visit more often.
This is especially useful for multiple locations, as it encourages customers who frequently travel to seek out your specific facilities out of personal preference.

Spend Money on Marketing

For many business owners – whatever industry they may be in – one of the hardest truths to accept is that good advertising will cost money. Word of mouth and a solid reputation can only do so much, and businesses often ultimately flounder or outright fail because of a resistance to spending on marketing, advertising, and branding.
The fact is that good brand and a strong, consistent image needs talent and artistry. While you may have an idea of what voice, image, or philosophy you want to portray in your recreation center, or throughout all of your locations, putting it down on paper is much harder than it seems. Paying for the expertise of a graphic designer or a marketing designer will pay dividends in the future.

Guidance from Sports Facilities Management

Branding and marketing can be intensely challenging and complex, not to mention costly if you start out unprepared. Fortunately, Sports Facilities Management is here to help. Whether you are the owner of a long-standing sports facility or are just starting out, we can offer you detailed advice, guidance, and management if you are looking to take your recreation center to the next level.

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