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Adding Laser Tag to Your Sports Complex

Laser tag at your sports complex

Laser Tag in Your Sports Complex

A sports complex can be much more than the name suggests. While the primary focus of your facility may have begun with sports and fitness, many sports complexes and recreation centers expand what they offer to include more varied and adventurous options for entertainment. One of the most popular is laser tag – and Sports Facility Management can offer some advice for setting one up in your sports complex.

Planning Your Arena

If you are a frequent reader of Sports Facility Management blog entries, you are likely familiar with the emphasis we place on the importance of planning. When it comes to sports complex ownership, planning is an ongoing part of management that does not end once your business opens to the public.
If you plan to add laser tag to your recreation facility, then planning is as important here than with any other additions. Research extensively, set your budget accordingly, and take the following considerations into account as you put your plan into action.

Effective Staff Training

If you already have an established sports complex, you already have a team of staff at the ready. Training and safety is an important part of having a reliable team at any good sports facility, and this focus on safety will need to be carried over into your new laser tag arena.
Consider additional or refresher safety training in first aid and for emergency situations for your staff. Safety is especially important with laser tag due to the fact that games and matches are played in a darkened arena, which increases the risk of accidents and injuries. It can also present an increased hazard in the case of a fire or similar emergency, and your staff needs to be aware of it.
Of course, safety is not the only consideration for your staff. Customer service and satisfaction are as important here as they are in any other part of your sports complex. Enthusiasm and involvement from your staff will ensure repeat customers, a good reputation, and more bookings in the future.

The Right Size for Your Arena

Another thing to think about is the size available at your location. Laser tag requires a reasonable amount of space, with room for smaller hiding places and cover-spots, so a limited, cramped area with few tactical options will make for a disappointing experience. Make sure that your complex has sufficient space to add a decent-sized arena.

Themed Laser Tag Environments

There are some laser tag arenas that rely on the enthusiasm of the players to make the most of the experience, choosing to forego focusing on the environment around them. While a plain arena may be perfectly serviceable, particularly as laser tag is played in a dark area, adding extra visual flare will greatly enhance things, and really make what your complex offers stand out.
Popular themes for laser tag arenas typically focus on recreating a movie or video game experience – usually designed around industrial areas such as laboratories or factories, with designs reminiscent of popular movies or games in the science fiction, action, or horror genres.
Keeping up with the latest trends in these genres and mediums will give you a good idea of what creative direction to take your laser tag arena theme. SFA also suggests meeting with younger staff members and getting them involved in pitching ideas and concepts. This not only provides you with a good source of inspiration but also fosters a sense of involvement in your team.
It is important to remember, however, that you cannot include any copyright intellectual property in your designs. Inspiration is fine, but avoid using explicit references, designs or music from licensed material.

The Right Equipment

Choosing the right equipment from the right supplier is important. As with any technology-based products, laser tag equipment is always improving, and keeping up with these improvements will add to the experience of your customers. Within your budget, find a supplier who carries good quality, visually appealing, and modern laser tag equipment, and make sure that their products meet all the required safety standards.
You should also have your staff trained and instructed in how the equipment works, from safety considerations, to how they are properly worn, to the basics of how they work.

Promoting and Marketing You Sports Complex

If your plan is in place and you are ready to start, you should also think about how you plan to promote your laser tag arena. A good sports facility owner should always think about how to appeal to their existing and new customers, and if you are adding laser tag to your recreation center, you should think about who it appeals to.
Design your marketing around the theme you have chosen for your arena, and plan to start promoting it so that you have a ready clientele as soon as you are ready to open.
Sports Facility Management has many years of experience in helping to develop and manage sports complexes, recreation centers, and sports facilities. If you are looking to add a laser tag arena or any new attraction to your complex, contact Sports Facilities Management today.

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