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Staffing for Your Recreation Center Pool

Recreation Center Pool Staff

Staff You Need for a Recreation Center Pool

An important aspect of your recreation center pool is the staff you have on duty. Proper staffing is essential to ensure your pool is safe for guests and properly maintained. Sports Facilities Management specializes in staffing and project development. Read our blog for tips on staffing your recreation center pool and contact us for more information.


Obviously, lifeguards are the first staff members you should be adding. If you want kids and adults alike to be safe while in your pool, you need certified lifeguards on staff. They should be CPR certified and pass a lifeguard course in order to work at your recreation center. They can get these certifications from outside sources or you can consider offering these classes yourself. If you do decide to offer lifeguard classes, you should consider hiring…

Swimming Instructors

If you’re planning on offering swimming lessons and classes at your facility, you should hire swimming instructors. You can even train existing lifeguards to be instructors, as long as they have the personality and capacity to learn the lesson plans. Ideally, you want an instructor who has a strong grasp on techniques and skills for swimming. If you’re offering swimming classes for young children, they should be good with kids. If you plan on offering water exercise classes, you should bring in instructors who know the exercises and routines. This is also a great way to bring in income to your recreation center. The swimming classes, certification classes, and water exercise sessions are all services that people are willing to pay for.


Finally, nobody wants to swim in a dirty pool that is also chemically unbalanced. Pools require a good deal of maintenance. They need to be cleaned, and their pH and chlorine levels need to be checked often to ensure the chemicals are balanced and won’t irritate swimmers. Filters should be clear and cleaned of obstructions. You can either train your maintenance staff to clean the pool, or you can train your lifeguards to do it before and after their shifts.

Let Sports Facilities Management Help with Your Recreation Center

If you have plans for your new or existing pool in your recreation center, let the expert team at Sports Facilities Management help. We can help you with staffing, project development, and more. Let us help you maximize the potential of your recreation center. Contact us today or view the Sports Facilities Management website for more information.

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