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Sports Facilities Advisory: Differences between a Sports Complex and a Recreation Center

Sports Complex vs Recreation Center

Sports Complex vs Recreation Center 

At Sports Facilities Advisory, we help individuals and organizations with the process of planning, opening, and managing a sports facility. We’ve planned a variety of venue types, and one of the biggest steps in the beginning of the process is determining what type of facility to open.

Two of the most common facilities we assist with at Sports Facilities Advisory are sports complexes and recreation centers. Below, we have provided a brief description of both types of venues so you can make the right decision for your facility planning.

What is a Sports Complex?

A sports complex is a large and expansive area that incorporates several fields or courts dedicated to a particular sport or series of sports. These types of sports facilities are often used for tournaments and leagues because they can hold a significant amount of people to watch the teams play. Sports Facilities Advisory has helped a number of organizations, including schools and universities, create sports complexes for their athletic departments.

A few examples of this facility-type include Rocky Top Sports World and Panama City Beach Sports Complex. Both facilities hold numerous courts and fields for multiple sports and possess the capacity to host large events.

What is a Recreation Center?

A recreation center provides a space for people to enjoy a variety of activities in one location. Many recreation centers have items like basketball courts, swimming pools, and exercise rooms. People typically sign up for memberships to recreation centers that allow them to use all of the different equipment and amenities available.  

Which Type of Facility is Right for Me?

Both sports complexes and recreation centers have the ability to be successful with the right planning from Sports Facilities Advisory. Each facility has a different focus and meets a different need in the community.

Sports complexes can drive a positive economic impact through a sports tourism campaign. Communities throughout the United States, including members of the SFM Network like the Hoover Met Complex in Hoover, Ala. have generated millions of dollars in economic impact, thanks to their sports complex.

Sports complexes also establish an identity for their communities. When teams come to sports complexes for events, their families often come as well. The way the community brands itself around the sports complex leaves an impression on these families. Positive or negative, it becomes the brand of the community. If that brand is positive, it can help the community grow.

Through their programming, recreation centers can elevate a community and fill in gaps in the lives of its citizens. After school programs, like the ones hosted by the Virginia Beach Parks and Recreation Department, provide a safe environment for children while helping them reach educational and emotional milestones.

By working with SFA, we will help you figure out which type of facility can be the most beneficial for both you and the community.

Facility Planning with Sports Facilities Advisory

We are ready to help you with every step of the sports facility planning process! Our team has years of experience in each part of facility planning and sports facility management. For more information on the services we provide and how we can help turn your ideas into a reality, contact us or call us today at 727-474-3845. 


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