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How to Customize Your Sports Complex Design for an Older Demographic

sports complex design for older exercisers

Considering the Older Customers in Sports Complex Design

A sports complex can be a lucrative opportunity for a community. Sports appeal to people of all ages and can be great for families as well. A well-designed sports complex paired with an involved community can lead to easy success. An often overlooked demographic when planning a new sports complex are the people in a community who are older.
Older people are often more financially stable and have more time to dedicate to recreational activities like sports. Older people may also bring their families to enjoy the sports complex as well. A few simple decisions made during the sports complex design process can make your new sports facility more accessible for your older customers.

Wheelchair Accessibility

Smart sports complex design, especially if you plan to have an older customer demographic, should consider wheelchair accessibility a high priority. Wheelchair accessibility goes beyond having just having ramps. Other important elements to consider are hallway and doorway sizes, as well as safety railings. A few considerations during the sports complex design process will make it much easier for your older customers to move around comfortably.

Lower Stair Height

Another element to consider when you thinking about sports complex design are the stairs. Stairs may seem like a fairly inconsequential part of your sports complex. However, stairs that are too steep can make it difficult for older customers to navigate them safely. Lower stair height can also be beneficial for children and others who may have issues with steep stairs.

Comfortable Seating Options

In sports complex design, another vitally important element is the type of seating you choose to use in the arenas. There are a plethora of seating options available for sports complexes, depending on your budget. If you plan to focus your marketing toward an older demographic, you probably won’t want to choose the cheapest seating options. Customers may be deterred from spending as much time at your sports complex if they are uncomfortable. Consider seating options with backs instead of traditional bleachers to create a more relaxing seating experience.

Sports Complex Design at SFA

If you are interested in owning a sports complex, recreation center, or other sports facility, Sports Facilities Advisory can help! We will work with you through every step of the process, from feasibility studies to opening your facility to sports facility management. For more information on how our team can help, check out the Sports Facilities Advisory website and contact our office today!

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